Are you fed up with tiny, TPD-compliant juice bottles? Is your bin overflowing with midget empties? Don’t panic – Vapoholic have the solution! Our Shake & Vape kits are a fully TPD-compliant way to get your hands on a 120ml bottle of your favourite liquid. Delivered as a simple kit, Shake & Vape uses a loophole in the law to get round the irritating 10ml size limit. Just open the bottle of premium flavoured zero-nic juice, add the supplied nicotine shots, mix and vape!

Shake & Vape – No more tiny bottles!
There are many annoying things about the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive, but the ban on bottles larger than 10ml is probably the worst. If you’re running a modern sub-ohm tank you’ll quickly stack up a pile of tiny empty bottles, because 10ml really doesn’t last for long. You’ll also end up paying more, because three 10ml bottles costs much more than one 30ml bottle. That can’t be helped, sadly, because juice makers have to pay for their packaging as well as the juice itself.
Don’t resign yourself to a lifetime of annoying little bottles just yet though, because Vapoholic have a solution. If you read the TPD carefully you’ll find that its rules only apply to e-liquid that contains nicotine. If you’re buying 0mg liquid you can get any size of bottle you want.
You might be thinking, “Well, I don’t vape nic-free, so that isn’t a lot of help!” Hang on; here’s the clever bit. It’s legal to buy a large bottle of nicotine-free liquid, then add nicotine base to bring it up to the strength you’re looking for. As long as the nicotine base comes in TPD-compliant bottles, everything’s within the law!
Our Shake & Vape range uses this loophole to let you get high quality e-liquids in an economical size. We’ve done some testing, and found that with the 18mg/ml base that we’re restricted to under the TPD we can still manage to put together a kit that will produce 120ml of liquid at a strength of either 3 or 6 mg/ml – in other words, perfect for any modern sub-ohm tank setup.
When you order a Shake & Vape kit you’ll get an oversize bottle containing nicotine-free liquid in your choice of flavour, and separate 10ml bottles containing 18mg/ml nicotine shots. A 3mg/ml kit comes with 100ml of liquid and two nicotine shots; for a 6mg/ml kit you get 80ml of liquid and four shots. Both kits will make 120ml of liquid.
All you have to do is open the bottle, add the nicotine shots, then screw the cap back on and mix it. There’s no need to shake the bottle; just turn it over a few times to get things moving, then let it stand. If you prefer to steep your liquids loosen the cap and leave it in a cool, dark place for up to a week; otherwise a couple of hours will be long enough to let the flavour and nicotine blend perfectly together into a premium e-liquid.
We know that this is all over-complicated and, honestly, a bit ridiculous. We’d be much happier to just sell you a proper bottle of juice in whatever strength you want. Unfortunately, as a responsible e-liquid company we have to obey the law, and this is what the law allows. On the bright side, with a Shake & Vape kit you’ll save money on the cost of small bottles – 120ml of liquid comes in three or five bottles, instead of twelve – and you won’t create as much trash. It’s not the solution we’d like to offer you, but it’s a lot better than what the EU wants you to have.


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