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Is Vaping Safer Than …?


We are all aware that vaping is safer alternative to smoking, but how does it fair against the many actual products vape juice flavours are based on?

Well, in this post, Is Vaping Safer Than …?, we put popular e-liquid flavours up against their real-world equivalents.

Let’s see who wins …

Battle 1: Tobacco E Liquid Vs Cigarette Tobacco



This is a shoo-in for vaping and Tobacco E Liquid. According to Cancer Research UK, cigarette tobacco releases over 5,000 chemicals when burnt, many of which cause cancer. When you smoke a cigarette, you are taking in, among many other undesirable substances, benzene (an industrial solvent), cadmium (used in batteries), arsenic (a poison) and beryllium (used in nuclear reactors!).

Tobacco E Liquid, on the other hand, is simply a flavouring added to the non-toxic e-liquid base developed to mimic taste of tobacco. In fact, it is recommended for ex-smokers so they can get their tobacco flavour fix without all the harmful chemicals.

Winner: Vaping


Battle 2: Raspberry Doughnut E Liquid Vs Actual Raspberry Doughnuts

Ok, raspberry doughnuts are a delicious treat. But that’s what they are – “a treat”. Eating a doughnut a day over a long period is likely to: a) at best, send you to the dentist, b) at worst, send you to the doctor.

Each raspberry doughnut contains 15% of an adult’s daily recommended intake of saturated fat and a whopping 18% of the recommended daily intake of sugar. Too much fat and sugar in your diet can lead to obesity and Type 2 diabetes, a disease on the rise in the UK.

And no, the “raspberry” aspect does not give them a point. To be honest, we’d be surprised if any real raspberries came within a mile of a raspberry doughnut when it was made!

With Raspberry Doughnut E Liquid, you get everything you love about a freshly-baked doughnut filled with sweet raspberry jam, but with none of the dental and/or medical problems.


Winner: Vaping


Battle 3: Sex on the Beach E Liquid Vs Sex on the Beach Cocktails

We refuse to say anything bad about Sex on the Beach cocktails. The fruity and refreshing drink is absolutely perfect for a summer’s day.

That being said, with an alcohol content of around 11-14%, drinking multiple Sex on the Beach cocktails each day is pretty much guaranteed to give you some problems. Not to mention the fact that you would never be able to drive!

Sex on the Beach E Liquid can be vaped as and when you like. You still get that great taste and holiday feeling, but you can preserve your liver and drive home at the end of the day too…bonus!

So, stick to cocktails on holiday or a night out, and vape the same taste on a regular day.


Winner: Vaping


Battle 4: Sherbet E Liquid Vs Actual Sherbet

Oh my, just looking at sherbet is enough to make your teeth hurt! It’s just basically sugar and sour salt (crystalized citric acid). Honestly, we don’t know how any of us made it past the ‘80s with all/most of our teeth!

It’s a retro candy and gives us pleasant nostalgic memories, but we suggest sticking to Sherbet E Liquid instead. You’ll still get the same zesty fizz sensation, but you’ll also be saving your smile!


Winner: Vaping


Battle 5: Apple E Liquid Vs Actual Apples


Though Apple Vape Juice tastes just like the real thing, actual apples are going to win this round. They are just too full of antioxidants, minerals and particularly vitamin C to lose this one.

That said, everything in moderation. Eating too many apples is probably not good for you either, so once you’ve had your apple a day…you can vape apples instead!

Also, don’t forget, apples can be dangerous too…after all, if Eve hadn’t eaten the forbidden fruit, we wouldn’t be stuck here to begin with! And with the Sleeping Beauty fiasco on top of that, basically, just stay away from real apples…it’s for the best.


Winner: Actual Apples


Overall: Vaping 4 – Actual Products 1


Is Vaping Safer?

So, is vaping safer than the real-world products? Well, the results of this in-depth study are conclusive – for the most part, yes. Just the apples squeezed in at the end to rack up a point.

On a serious note, vaping is far safer than smoking. So, if you are thinking of quitting cigarettes, take a look at our post on Quitting Smoking With Vaping to see how it can help you kick the habit.

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