The days are getting shorter, the cold weather is coming in, and for some reason there are Christmas decorations in all the shops; this means only one thing – Winter is coming!

Winter with all its weather misery also brings the best food of the year with October trick and treats, funfair delicacies, bonfire night classics, and all the warm and comforting food of Christmas.

With these changes in our palates as vapers, we start to switch from the cool and fruity flavours of summer to warmer and more delectable e-liquid flavours to savour through the cold nights and even colder mornings! Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite seasonal flavours that are ideal for the coming months.

Taking you forward a couple of weeks from now but a flavour that has been enjoyed for generations is the Halloween classic of Black Jack. Bold in nature and classic in taste, we cannot get enough of this perfect recreation of the timely sweet. Released back in Halloween 2018, the Black Jack has been a firm favourite all year round but we think it has a special place in your pocket at this time of year.

Sweets and candy have been a tradition in most of the world at this time of year and we aren’t ones to break away from that tradition so fill up your goodie bag with our range of retro and 21st century sweets.

The Perfect Pear Drop has been and still continues to be an iconic sweet alongside of the Black Jack,and the ultimate in classic sweets, the Fruity Salad Chew. I’m sure many trick-or-treaters will have these sweets poured into their candy bags this year along with more modern, yet still irresistible, sweets such as the Raspberry Sherbet, and the Gobbly Gobstopper!

Upping the warmness and comfort levels is the salted caramel e-liquid. A truly remarkable flavour with a rich, smooth caramel base with that highly contrasting touch of salt giving you a satisfying and indulgent vape. Treat yourself in the brisk early mornings or unwind after getting home to help you relax.

Our next flavours will transport you to the funfair eagerly waiting in line to choose your favourite freshly baked and sugar dusted doughnuts! Will you go for the classic Creamy Doughnut, or the ever mouth-watering Raspberry Doughnut? Well without any calories to think about, why not get both and switch between the two for ultimate self-indulgence with none of the guilt.

How about an after-dinner treat? Gone are the summer days of fruit and salads, we need something warmer to dive into and awaken our senses. Nothing has quite achieved this feat over the years quite like a creamy vanilla custard. This flavour is exceptionally creamy and sweet without being too sickly with just the right amount of vanilla. Simple yet indulgent and an incredibly irresistible moreish vape.

If that doesn’t tick all of your boxes for a custard flavour, why not go retro and experience the butterscotch custard which has been brought to life in the butterscotch custard e-liquid combining warm vanilla, and butterscotch sauce for a luscious combination of flavours which is sure to bring a big nostalgic smile to your face!

With 11 dessert flavours and 22 sweet flavours, there is something for everyone in the coming seasons! So, sit back, relax, and let the festivities begin with Vapoholic!

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