Cheap e-liquid – What’s the cost?

Cheap e-liquid is one of the most searched phrases on Google, especially for vape bargain hunters looking on the internet for the best vape juice deals. We understand that nobody wants to pay premium prices for e-liquid, so searching for a product you can get for cheaper might be a good option, right? Well first, let’s look a little deeper into what you might get.

With the vaping industry under attack with the ‘Mystery Vaping Illness’ vapers need to be careful and vigilant on where they purchase their e-liquids, especially from websites that are selling cheap e-liquid at next-to-nothing prices.

Search terms like ‘Cheap e-liquid’ ‘e-liquid clearance’ and ‘out of date e-liquid’ will be the target for many retailers trying to attract traffic to their website or eBay stores. There is nothing wrong with this marketing tactic at all, but there might be a problem when the price of the e-liquid is your only deciding factor when it comes to making a purchase.

E-liquid shops vs online retailers

Where an established e-liquid shop will have been vetted by the MHRA to ensure it’s selling TPD-compliant e-liquids, along with having permission from the local council, online retailers aren’t regulated as thoroughly.

Online retailers can purchase their stock from any number of locations. This might be from a trusted manufacturer, a market stall, or amateur mixers without proper TPD regulations or authorisation from the MHRA. This means that you could be potentially purchasing e-liquid with dangerous and illegal chemicals such as THC, which is the chemical that caused the illnesses in the US.

What about Amazon and eBay?

Market places such as Amazon and eBay are clamping down on rouge e-liquid traders, however there is only so much they can do to ensure safety with the products that are being sold on their platforms. The technique used is through a multiple check method by compiling data from the regulatory authorities and other bodies to ensure the vendors have previously been vetted, but again, rouge traders can sneak through.

There are a number of requirements an e-liquid manufacturer needs meet in the UK. First is having the expertise and specialised equipment for the cleanliness and safety of the e-liquid production which can cost thousands of pounds. Secondly, they need a facility to safely produce the e-liquids, where they’ll be bottling, labeling and distributing of every order, every day. These cost factors, along with many others, decide the retail price of each bottle that they advertise online. Large manufacturing facilities can reduce cost by manufacturing in bulk, this is where the real e-liquid deals come from.

Buying Cheap e-liquid? What to look out for.

Our advice for those who are looking for cheap e-liquid deals is to use the same method. Check the vendor’s history, have they only just started selling e-liquid? Do they have a company number to check on companies house? Is there authorisation from the MHRA? Do they have trusted and verifiable reviews? If one of these things is missing, this should raise red flags about how they can sell cheap e-liquid.

The Manufacturing Process

Here at Vapoholic we produce all of our own e-liquids using only the best UK-sourced, TPD-approved ingredients. Vapoholic has an industry leading ISO 7 Clean room, modern laboratory facilities and experts in each of their respected fields. This is to ensure complete safety and transparency with every bottle produced. Our bottles are batch tested for accuracy and traceability, and nothing leaves unless it has been tested numerous times.

As we produce our own in-house e-liquids, we can pass down savings to our Vapoholics with cheap e-liquid, e-liquid deals, e liquid bundles and more!

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