Have you always brought your vapes from a physical vape shop?

The way we shop has been changing for a long time with more and more people deciding to make purchases online rather than shopping in stores. But while that’s usually been the case, vapers have somewhat bucked that trend as many opt to visit physical stores rather than shopping online in search of knowledge, experience, and hands on approach of helping you choose your products. Sadly, this often results in you buying overpriced products that are also poor quality.

This is where Vapoholic is different. Our entire company has been founded on our knowledge, experience, and customer-centric service.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the unfortunate choice by the Government that deems vaping shops ‘unnecessary business’, more and more people are turning to the internet to get their e-liquid and devices. With this, more and more people are choosing Vapoholic as their new supplier.

Vapoholic was born from the idea that we would create e-liquids using only premium ingredients, amazing flavours, and ensuring that each of our products is better value than anywhere else, be it online or from the high street. Furthermore, we ensure that we’re always on hand for any questions, or even a chat about what e-liquids and devices are best suited for your own, personal needs.

Here are some of the recent reviews we have received from those who have now turned to the internet for their vaping products:

“I found you through Google. Normally use a local shop but looks like you’ll be my standard go to now!”

“Due to the current situation I was looking online for somewhere to get my E liquids from and came across your website, I found it very useful and decided to give it a go. My order arrived today and I am very pleased with the product and will definitely be using your liquids from now on. The flavours are amazing and the speed of the delivery is amazing as well.”

“I will definitely be recommending Vapoholic to my friends.”

“Hi I did a Google search and specifically looked for vape juice delivered to me here in Spain. Also your prices and cost of delivery was very reasonable.”

“After my usual vape shop ramped up their prices for 100ml bottles, I decided to have a look online and saw your prices are competitive on not just juices but coils too!”

“As you no due to covid no shiops are open, so I googled for my flavour. And you were the first online retailer to have some in stock. So I bought some. In fact I bought 2 for the price of 1 in the shops so I’ll be back for more.”

“I found Vapoholic through a google search for my flavour, I would normally purchase e liquids in person at a local vape shop but due to the stay at home policy I needed to purchase it online.”

“My usual shop doesn’t have my flavour in at the moment and you were the first one I came across with good reviews and a pretty excellent value for money.”

These are only some of the conversations we have had with some of Vapoholic’s new customers who have come to us now that their usual shops have closed during the Pandemic. We’re happy that we can help vapers and people who are looking to quit during this time! Our site features rich guides with nicotine strengths, types of nicotine that is best for what you are looking to achieve, difference between Shortfill and 10mls, and more!

Have a look at our products, best selling flavours, read more verified reviews about Vapoholic, or learn more about our products below!