Vapoholic as reviewed by E-cigreviews was created by an ex-smoker turned vaping enthusiast who, 8 years ago, started the mammoth task of reviewing and creating a site of honest, independent, and knowledgeable information on vaping and everything to do with e-cigs and e-liquids!

Our mission is to help people all around the world to stop killing themselves with smoking. We want to help YOU quit this habit for good and live a longer, healthier life.” – Archy, Creator of E-Cigreviews.

E-cigreviews has critiqued hundreds if not thousands of eliquid brands, devices, and everything else that helps the world become a little more smoke-free, and Vapoholic was next on his list of companies to review!

Archy started by rating some of our e-liquid flavours such as the Fantasi Grape Ice, Berrylicious, and Fruity Menthol, before then moving onto some of our CBD products! We can tell that Archy is clearly experienced with his flavour profiles, noting the key flavours within each of the flavours and, thankfully, experiencing the e-liquids as they were naturally designed!

Next he gave an overall review of Vapoholic:

“The brand has put considerable effort and time into creating top-quality e-liquids in their Manchester-based facility, and the result is a range of UK-made e-juices that are manufactured using high-quality, British-sourced ingredients in a cutting-edge production facility.”

Going on to say:

“Since the whole Vapoholic team are also vaping enthusiasts, they know exactly what customers want, and are dedicated to create not only the most delicious e-liquid flavours but also the best possible level of customer service.”

When reviewing our CBD range, Archy noted our premium grade CBD isolate, range of fruit and ‘classic’ flavours. Our range is the most premium range of CBD products at market leading prices.

E-cigreviews’ mission is to help people all around the world to quit smoking and improve their health. We highly recommend following their news for updates in the vaping industry, new devices, and more reviews of everything vape related.

They have helped so many lives through their website and have received many thank you emails and kind words for their support, and on that note we would like to thank Archy for his honest and fantastic review of Vapoholic! You can read the full review and others from Archy and the team below.