Another 300,000 bottle delivery of the industry leading Chubby Gorilla E-Liquid Bottles!

Today our manufacturing facility received a 40-foot container full of the industry-leading Chubby Gorilla bottles ready to be filled with our industry-leading E-liquid!

Here at Vapoholic, we set the standard for premium quality E-Liquid and CBD products, which is why we only stock the best bottles too.

Chubby Gorilla, for those who don’t know, are the leading bottle manufacturer and supplier within the vaping industry and they also produce other premium quality products. Founded in Southern California, Chubby Gorilla has been awarded over a hundred patents and registered designs, serving over a hundred countries across the globe.

Vapoholic & our love for Chubby Gorillas and Unicorns!

Chubby Gorilla are famous for their high-quality and expertly engineered Unicorn Bottle. This bottle has been specially designed for safety, security, and its namesake unicorn shaped nozzle. These bottles are perfectly designed for e-liquid application given their long and thin nozzle.

The Unicorn bottles are designed for safety and security. Each and every bottle is fitted with child resistant closure and a lock-on tamper evident break-off band. This ensures that our Vapoholic E-liquid stays secure until it’s safely in your hands.

Pinch a drop, squeeze a flow!

The nozzle and bottle jointly work as one unit to meticulously dispense the perfect amount of liquid by the simple action of a pinch of a squeeze.

The Unicorn Bottle

  • Refined narrow drip tip with easy-flow and spill-free dispensing.
  • Smooth HoverGLIDE rotational suspension cap
  • Soft squeeze PET bottle
  • Lock-on tamper evident break-off band
  • Inner leak-blocker plug
  • Child resistant closure
  • Ease-squeeze construction for consistent and natural flow rate

You can find the Chubby Gorilla bottles used across our huge range of E-liquid and CBD E-Liquid products, giving you the extra peace of mind that not only are you vaping the best E-liquids on the market, but you’re also using the best bottles on the market to match!