What is our Customer Service Manager vaping?

The team here at Vapoholic are all ex-smokers, and avid vapers as you can imagine. We like to think that we are all experts in vaping after being in the industry for so long! Saying this, however, we all have our personal favourites and unique vaping styles.

Throughout the years we have tried all kinds of vapes. From the early devices, which let’s admit, were horrible in comparison, all the way to the newest trend of disposable vapes. We decided to let you all in on our personal favourites with helpful tips and tricks for a better vaping experience.

Miri: Customer Service Manager

Miri: Customer Service Manager


Miri has been working at Vapoholic now for 6 months! She is the friendly voice on the phone that you will most likely be speaking to if you give us a call and you’ll be chatting to her over email too!

After smoking for a few years, she decided to switch to Vaping during the first lockdown, but struggled to find the right information and help to make the transition. This is why she is so passionate about helping all of our customers on their Vaping journey, whether they are a beginner or not!

How did you find the best device to begin vaping?

This changed around 5 years ago when the release of the Aspire PockeX.

This simple piece of kit, along with a huge selection of new and improved flavours was finally up to the challenge in competing with traditional cigarettes.

This is when Dale finally quit smoking and dove head first into the wonderful world of vaping.

Endura ecig mod

Miri heard a lot of contrasting information about Vaping starter devices, whether a pod or a pen was the best option. She finally decided on the Innokin T18E after reading loads of great reviews, as well as loving the wide variety of colours that were available.

A super easy and sleek device, it’s a breeze to change your coil and the charger is hidden away nicely with a sliding unit at the bottom.

You simply turn it on with a few clicks, fill up the tank (waiting 15 minutes for the coil to prime) and you’re good to go. She found the battery life to be great and lasts a whole day with moderate usage.

At this point, Miri decided she could never go back to smoking, especially when E-Liquid tastes so much better and never leaves a lingering smell.


Endura ecig mod

What device are you using, and why?

Since then, Dale has tried many different devices starting with the simple to use pen-kits, more robust and powerful mods, pod devices, and disposables.

His current favourite is the Drag X.

A sleek and powerful pod mod device with easy to change coils, and customisable wattage for a real nice hit of flavour.

Disposables are also on Dale’s radar; however, he only uses these for when he’s on a hike or out for a night on the town to keep his favourite device safe at home!

Miri is using the incredibly popular and Office favourite VooPoo Drag S.

After trying out the SMOK RPM80 (which she loved) and a few other Pod devices, she succumbed to peer pressure and bought a VooPoo device.. She recons she will never look back!

Using the Drag S in the daytime with a fantastic internal battery life and switching over to a Blackcurrant Menthol Geek Bar for weekends and nights out. She has found her perfect Vaping products to suit her lifestyle.

What are your favourite flavours at the moment?

When she first started at Vapoholic, Miri wanted to try as many flavours as possible. After her 20th sample, she was obsessed with a good few which she now has on rotation.

Miri loves Icy Fruity flavours, as well as Icy Sweet ones when she wants to mix it up.

Her favourite flavours at the moment are:

Berrylicious Ice

“A flavoursome and cool vape, not to sweet which is perfect for all day vaping. I got through my 120ml shortfill bottle quicker than I’d like to admit…”



“It literally tastes like Blue Bon Bons which are my favourite sweets, although this wont make your tongue blue. It’s a very sweet e-liquid so it’s perfect for evenings – but there’s a nice icy twist which cuts through the sweetness.”


Raspberry Ice

“Love Love this flavour, when I first started vaping I tried a raspberry e-liquid and have been searching for another every since. It tastes like nothing more than fresh Raspberries with a tart undertone which is perfect for a fruity all day vape.”


Top tips from Miri?

Samples, samples, samples!

Always get samples, no matter your order! Vapoholic sell 10ml samples at £0.99 a bottle. This is a great opportunity to try a new flavour before you invest in a bigger bottle.

I love being able to try new flavours with my regular order. This is how I found some of my new favourites that I wouldn’t normally vape, and oh my god, is it worth it!

All you need to do is select the 0mg – 10ml size in the product options, and try something new today!

  • Try new flavours all the time! Our tastes change as we age, and you never know what flavour you’re going to love next!
  • If you are looking to quit smoking, pick a starter kit! That’s why we created them!
  • Make sure you are using the right coils for the liquids. I learnt that the hard way and burnt my coils! If you would like advice, let me know!
  • Some cool flavours are ICE COLD and are not for the faint-hearted even though I personally love that frosty effect.
  • A lot of people ask me that ice flavours taste like menthol. These are similar but are very different. Menthol is a mint taste, and ice flavours are just super cool.
  • Vaping is a great experience with a good piece of kit. If you would like help choosing the best one for you, let me know!
  • Speak to your vape shop. We love to talk to our customers and get to know them!


Looking to switch, or would like advice? You can email [email protected], and she will be more than happy to have a chat!


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