The team here at Vapoholic are all ex-smokers, and avid vapers as you can imagine. We like to think that we are all experts in vaping after being in the industry for so long! Saying this, however, we all have our personal favourites and unique vaping styles.

Throughout the years we have tried all kinds of vapes. From the early devices, which let’s admit, were horrible in comparison, all the way to the newest trend of disposable vapes. We decided to let you all in on our personal favourites with helpful tips and tricks for a better vaping experience.

James: Business Development Manager

James: Business Development Manager


James joined us over a year ago and is the man behind developing our business relationships with our stockists.

Looking to stock our amazing range of flavours? Contact James directly and he will be more than happy to look into your vape juice or CBD requirements!

What’s the market like for Vape Juice at the moment?

This changed around 5 years ago when the release of the Aspire PockeX.

This simple piece of kit, along with a huge selection of new and improved flavours was finally up to the challenge in competing with traditional cigarettes.

This is when Dale finally quit smoking and dove head first into the wonderful world of vaping.

Endura ecig mod

The vaping industry is fantastic. From a background in sales, over a lot of various industries, I can hand-on-my-heart say that the Vape world is the best. This is a totally unique and creative industry, and a relatively new one. This being said, it has boundless opportunities with unique and innovative solutions.

In the past few years we’ve seen the rise of shortfills, nicotine salts, and more recently disposable vapes. A common question at the moment, which I’m being asked a lot, is whether ‘disposable vapes’ will conquer the market?

The answer for this is, no.

Disposable vapes are a fantastic product for smokers who would like to quit. Over time, however, these become a costly choice, and a cumbersome one. If you’d like to vape for longer than a limited amount of puffs that week then you should choose a more suitable device, and alongside it, shortfill e-liquid with a large selection of flavours at very affordable pricing.

What device are you using, and why?

Since then, Dale has tried many different devices starting with the simple to use pen-kits, more robust and powerful mods, pod devices, and disposables.

His current favourite is the Drag X.

A sleek and powerful pod mod device with easy to change coils, and customisable wattage for a real nice hit of flavour.

Disposables are also on Dale’s radar; however, he only uses these for when he’s on a hike or out for a night on the town to keep his favourite device safe at home!

James is using the powerful and multi-functional VooPoo Drag 3 Kit.

Similar to what Dale and Miri are using, James has chosen this device for its supreme power (double of the Drag X) and 510 connector allowing him to switch the standard pod tank with any other tank in his arsenal.

This is a no-brainer for James who is regularly trying new flavours, and switching between his standard tank and a dripper to try out Vapoholic flavours before they reach the market.


three VOOPOO Drag 3 devices side-by-side

What are your favourite flavours at the moment?

James has tried a lot of flavours, but just like all of us, he has a few favourite flavours that he always has to hand.

James is a lover of fruity, cherry, and ice flavours with their big bursts of juicy goodness and a splash of ice to dust away the cobwebs.

His favourite flavours at the moment are:

Cherry lemonade

“This was the first juice I bought from Vapoholic after closing my first deal, the perfect marriage of cherry and lemon flavours, I loved it so much that for a while I became guilty of sticking to this one flavour rather than trying the rest”



Orange Ice

“What is there to say? It’s an unbelievably refreshing icy orange flavour – it tastes exactly like grabbing a bottle of cold fizzy orange straight from the fridge! This is my long-time favourite in the Fantasi range”



Cherry Ice

“One of the newer ones in the fantasi range and a strong contestant for my new favourite. Just like everything else in the fantasi range this is incredibly refreshing. To me, this has just the right amount of sweetness with an unbelievable cherry flavour.”



Top tips from James?

There are a lot of flavours out there, and along with it, some risks.

You need to ensure that you are purchasing reputable vape juice from regulated manufacturers. There has been a lot of scare in the past few years with bad vape juice from America. After the investigation ended, we discovered that these bad vape juices were coming from the ‘black market’ with unregulated and illegal ingredients being added to juice.

Luckily, here in the UK, e-liquid manufacturing is heavily regulated and trusted.

So check your supplier, check the manufacturer, and enjoy!

  • Find a supplier you can trust, and enjoy their huge range of flavours (like Vapoholic!)
  • Change your coils before they start burning out! You should be changing your coils every 1-2 weeks!
  • Purchase a battery charger if you have external batteries. This is a much quicker way to charge them and keep spare for that daunting moment that your vape dies
  • Try a huge range of flavours – you never know when you will find your next new favourite! We, Vapoholic, release new flavours every month!
  • Interested in retailing our flavours? Get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to talk you through our flavour brochure and retailing options.

Looking to stock vape juice, or would like advice? You can email, and james will be more than happy to have a chat!

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