How to Do Vape Tricks 

If you’ve been using your e-cigarette for a while then chances are you might be looking to take things up a notch. One way to do that is by learning how to do vape tricks. 

Vape tricks are as cool as it gets, and not only will they add a whole new dimension to your vaping, but they’ll also impress your friends too! 

If learning some sounds like fun then you came to the right place as we have a number of impressive tricks up our sleeve that even beginners can master in no time. 


Easy Vape Tricks Anyone Can Learn 

Learning vape tricks is really good fun, and the good news is there’s a number of tricks that are really easy to learn. All you need is a vape kit, some e-liquid and you can start knocking tricks out straight away!

So here’s 7 easy vape tricks that are ideal for beginners.

1: Rings

There’s no better place to start than with the most common vape trick, every pro vaper’s bread and butter, the “O” (otherwise known as “rings”).

Blowing rings not only looks the part, but after some practice they’re actually quite easy to do. So whether you’re looking to become a master of vape tricks or you just want to pick up a few moves to show off to your mates this is one you definitely need to learn.

How to do a Ring

To do rings, take a decent hit of your vape and hold the vapour in your throat. Arch your tongue by pushing it backwards and pressing the tip of your tongue into the bottom of your mouth. Form an ‘O’ shape with your lips and push a small amount of vapour out of your mouth by slightly tensing your throat and pushing your tongue forward. 

The size of your ring will be determined by the shape of your lips. If you want some hefty rings then remember to tuck in your lips.

This one can be hard at first but with a little perseverance you should be able to get it right. If you’re still struggling after a while, check out the tutorial video below:

How to Blow Smoke O’s

2: Triangles 

Sure, blowing rings is impressive, but if you want to take things to the next level of cool then you need to learn how to blow triangles! 

The good news is once you’ve got the hang of rings, with a bit of know-how it’s pretty easy to turn them into something more triangular. 

How to do Triangles

So how do you shape your ring into a triangle? The trick is to use your hand.

Start by taking a good hit into your mouth and blowing a ring as you normally would. Once the ring has left your mouth, tap one side and you should see it suddenly morph into a triangular shape. 

This is a trick that takes some practice and not every ring will turn into the perfect triangle. But when it comes off well, it looks magnificent which is why we just had to include it on this list of cool vape tricks. For a video tutorial, there’s a video below:

How To Do Triangles

how to do vape tricks

3: French Inhale 

Also known as the “Irish Waterfall”, the “French Inhale” is another worthy inclusion on our list of cool-looking vape tricks for beginners. 

With this trick you inhale some vapour before allowing it to exit your mouth and rise up through your nostrils, kind of like a reverse waterfall.

Not only does this one look super impressive, but it’s also one of the easiest tricks you can learn so you should be able to get to grips with it pretty quickly. 

How to do the French Inhale

For this one, you take a hit but rather than breathing the vapour into your throat and lungs you keep it in your mouth.

Next you should move your bottom jaw forward and push your tongue slowly to the top of your mouth to push the vapour up, while simultaneously  breathing in through your nose. This ensures the vapour goes into your nose rather than escaping into the atmosphere!

You might have to practice a few times but this one should be pretty easy to master. If after a few attempts you’re still struggling, check out the tutorial below:

French Inhale Tutorial

how to do vape tricks

4: The Bane

Once you’ve mastered the French Inhale, you might want to take it up a level. If so, you can turn your attention to “The Bane” which is a similar but much more impressive trick.

Much like the French Inhale, with the Bane you’ll be breathing vapour up from your mouth and into your nostrils, but this time it’ll form a sort of grill-like pattern, much like the mask of Tom Hardy’s character in the Batman film – hence the name!

This is one of the most attention-grabbing vape tricks around, and despite looking difficult it’s actually not that hard to perfect once you’ve had enough time to practice. 

How to Do The Bane Vape Trick

Again, you’ll need to keep the vapour in your mouth but the key here is making it as dense as possible so be sure to get a good, strong hit!

Much like the French Inhale, once the vapour’s in your mouth, push your bottom jaw/lip forward and lift your tongue upwards as you pass the vapour through your mouth, breathing in through your nose as you go. The difference here is you need to lift up your jaw so the vapour passes through the gaps in your teeth, creating that eye-catching Bane effect.

This one will probably take a little more practice to get right, but keep trying and you should have it down to a fine art soon enough. 

For those having difficulty with this one, there’s a YouTube video with a tutorial below:

How to Bane

5: Ghost Inhale 

Depending on where you live, this might also be called the Snap Inhale or the Mushroom Cloud. Easy to do and capable of wowing anyone watching, whatever the name is, we love it!

If you’ve seen someone do the “Ghost Inhale”, chances are you were very impressed as it looks complicated, although it’s actually really simple to perform. 

How to Do the Ghost Inhale trick

To do the Ghost Inhale, take in a large hit and hold it in your mouth without inhaling. Then you simply push out a ball-shaped cloud with your tongue before sucking it back in as fast as you can.

Although you might have to put in a bit of practice to perfect the shape of the cloud, this is one of the easiest tricks on the list. However, if you’d prefer to watch a video tutorial then there’s one below:

How to Ghost Inhale

how to do easy vape tricks

6: The Dragon 

Become a ferocious, vapour-breathing dragon with this easy-to-learn vape trick! 

The “Dragon” is another one of our easy vape tricks you’ll be able to pick up in no time, and just like the mythical beasts it aims to mimic, this will make a real impression on anyone looking! 

How to Do the Dragon

To do this trick, simply take a large hit of your vape and hold the vapour in your mouth. Then, at the same time, breathe out through your nose and corners of your mouth, making sure the middle part of your mouth is closed.

This is another straight-forward trick that which shouldn’t cause many issues, although we’ll link a video below if you’d also like a quick tutorial:

How to do the Dragon Exhale

7: The Tornado 

Create a vortex of cool with the “Tornado” – comfortably one of the most spectacular vape tricks around and one that’s guaranteed to turn heads!

As you might have guessed, the Tornado involves creating a swirling, twisting whirlwind of vapour, which will leave you and your friends in a spin! Despite looking amazing, it’s actually really easy to do so make sure you add this one to your bag of vape tricks!

How to Do the Tornado Vape Trick

There’s a number of ways you can do the Tornado, but we prefer to use a tube as it helps keep the vapour contained which is important for this trick. A toilet roll tube or something similar will work great. 

Start by taking a decent hit into your mouth before blowing it gently through the tube onto a flat surface. Once the vapour is on the surface, manipulate it by placing your hand in the centre and swirling it round in a circular motion as you gradually raise your hand up. 

After a second or two, stand back and wallow in the majesty as your tornado starts to take spectacular shape!

Here’s a YouTube tutorial if you’re having difficulty getting it right:

Smoke Tornado Tutorial


So there we have it. That’s our list of 7 vape tricks that not only look great but are easy to learn too. Learning these easy vape tricks is a great way to impress your friends, and it’s also an effective boredom killer which should keep you thoroughly entertained while practicing. 

We would always recommend using a sub-ohm device with 70/30 e liquid for vape tricks as this smooth combination allows you to get the big hit you need without burning your throat! So if you’re on the lookout for a great kit to help with your vape tricks then browse our range of Advanced Kits as there’s sure to be something that fits the bill perfectly.

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