How to Charge a Vape

So you’ve finally made the plunge and got yourself an e-cig, but after picking out a device and choosing an e-liquid you’re now scratching your head and wondering how to charge a vape pen.

Whether you’re just unsure how to charge your vape, or you’re someone who’s safety-conscious and you’d rather make sure you’re charging it correctly than jump right in, luckily you came to the right place. 

As a beginner, chances are you’re eager to get your device powered up so you can get started, so without further ado here’s everything you need to know about how to charge a vape.

how to charge a vape

How to Charge a Vape Pen

If you’re still a little unsure how to charge a vape device then there’s a strong possibility you’re a beginner, so chances are you’re using a vape pen.

If you’ve purchased your vape kit from a reputable brand, you should have received a plug and power lead. This will usually be a micro-USB or Type-C lead. Before you start charging your device, just do a quick check to make sure you’ve got these.

Once you’re sure you’ve got everything you need, follow these steps:

  • Start by connecting your power lead to the plug
  • Now insert the plug into the power outlet in the wall
  • Then find the power input on your vape. This is usually on the side or bottom of the device (it may be located underneath a rubber/plastic seal)
  • Once everything is plugged in, check to see if there’s a light (usually solid/flashing red) indicating your device is charging
  • Wait for your device to power up

And that should do it! The length of time it takes to charge your device will depend on the size of the battery in your device but if you’re using a vape pen with a small battery then it shouldn’t take too long and most devices will be fully charged within an hour or two. 

Most e-cigs will indicate a fully charged battery with either a solid red or green light.

For safety reasons, remember to always use the power lead you get in the box. This ensures the device is being powered correctly and helps avoid issues such as overcharging or overheating.

Charging a Mod – Batteries

Now we’ve covered the topic of how to charge a vape pen, let’s take a look at the process for charging a more powerful device.

If you’re using a kit that’s packing a bit more power then there’s a good chance it’ll take external batteries. If so, the process of powering up your kit will be completely different. 

In the event your vape takes additional batteries, more often than not they won’t be included so you’ll need to purchase them separately. 

There are a number of batteries on the market which can be used for powering your vape and many modern vapes are cross-compatible with various sizes of batteries. The ones we’d recommend are the Molicel  which are our favourites due to their high capacity and reliable performance. 

To power-up your batteries you’ll also need a battery charger and we’d advise investing in a good-quality one. Using sub-par equipment can have disastrous consequences so this is one area you don’t want to skimp on if you can help it.

With battery chargers, there’s an array of options on the market but we find the XTAR, Nitecore and the Golisi Needle chargers are great for charging vape batteries as they’re fast, reliable and they come with a range of built-in safety features that put your mind at ease. 

When you get your batteries, make sure they aren’t damaged in any way. If there’s any visible damage, do not use them and return them to the retailer..

As a side note, failure to charge and store your batteries correctly can be extremely dangerous, which is why an understanding of battery safety is imperative. So if you’re a beginner with limited knowledge of batteries then we strongly urge you to take a look at our Battery Safety Guide

How Long Does it Take for a Vape to Charge

Now you’ve learned how to charge a vape pen and mod batteries, another question you might be asking yourself is “how long does it take a vape to charge”. After all, the time it takes for your device to charge will determine how long you have to wait before you can enjoy your vape again, so this is important stuff!

How long a vape takes to charge depends on a few things really. If you’re charging a vape pen or a mod with an internal battery then there are a number of factors which can affect how long you can expect to wait, such as the size of the battery, the type of charger you’re using (Type-C tends to be quicker than micro-USB) and the device’s internal components. 

With external batteries, the same is true so wait time can differ depending on the batteries you’ve chosen.

With that said, for a ballpark estimate, if you’re using vape pen or small mod you can usually expect to wait between 1-2 hours for a full charge (perhaps an hour or two more for more powerful devices with a larger internal battery) while most external batteries will need to be left on charge for 2-4 hours before they’re ready for use.

Can You Charge a Disposable Vape 

Now we’ve gone over how to charge a vape pen and a mod, it’s probably worth covering disposables too, as some people mistakenly believe they can be recharged.

If you’re using a disposable and you’re wondering how to charge it up, unfortunately it won’t be possible.

Disposables are throw-away units which are designed to be used until either the e-liquid runs out or battery dies, so if the power has died on your device then unfortunately you’ll need a new one.

However, OXVA have changed the game recently by introducing their OXBAR RRD, the new refillable and rechargeable disposable vape device. In between your easy-to-use pod device and a disposable, you can refill the 2ml pod up to 7 times to get around 4500 puffs before safely disposing the device.

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