Vape Expo UK – 27th – 29th May 2022

As part of our Vape Expo series we thought it’d be beneficial to explain the benefits of attending vape expos and set out exactly why you should be there when the world-famous Vape Expo UK returns in May.

After 2 years away, the Vape Expo UK will make its long-awaited return for its 10th anniversary with not one but two installments in 2022. 

The first will take place this May with the second coming in October and we simply cannot wait to be back in Brum this Spring with all our friends and connections from within the vaping industry. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Vape Expo, it’s a brilliant, fun-filled and action-packed weekend which offers a great opportunity to meet new people and show-off your latest offerings. 

So whether you work in the industry and you’d love to make some great new contacts, or you’re a certified vape enthusiast who just can’t get enough of the latest and the greatest new products, you simply have to be at the UK Vape Expo this year.

benefits of vape expo uk

Vape Expo UK 2022 – Benefits to Businesses

The Vape Expo is set across three days – two of them are open to the public while one is reserved for B2B. 

The B2B day, which takes place on the Friday (27th May), brings together key players from within the industry with wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and those involved in packaging all sure to be in attendance. 

This offers a great opportunity for companies involved in the business side of vaping to showcase their products and build-up invaluable contacts.

As we’re sure you’re aware, often in business it’s not what you know but who you know. Having a strong source of good connections can open up doors for business opportunities, so as a business owner you should be seizing on these golden opportunities to meet your peers and build contacts as they could prove invaluable moving forward.  

Vape Expo UK 2022 – Benefits to Customers

If you’re a hobbyist who’s not involved in the business side of the industry then there’s probably not much of a reason to go to the Vape Expo, right? 


Even if you’re just a vape fanatic, there’s so much going on at the expo you’d be a fool to miss it! Okay, so that might be a little harsh, but trust us this is not an event you want to pass up if you’re even remotely passionate about vaping.

That’s because as well as entertainment, DJs, live acts and vape trick competitions, there’s also a bunch of giveaways and interactive stuff you can get involved in. You can also try out loads of samples and you can try out so many amazing, innovative products that are yet to be released. 

The Vape expo is also a great opportunity to link up with your fellow vapers and you’ll come across many new companies offering amazing products you might otherwise have missed. So whether you’re a business owner or you just love to vape, it should be a brilliant weekend for all.

Fantasi Will Be at the Vape Expo UK

The Vapoholic team are regulars at the Vape Expo UK, and as ever we’ll be in attendance this year. This time around we’ll be promoting our Fantasi e liquid brand and we can’t tell you how excited we are to meet you all!

Without revealing too much, we’ve got some big plans for the Vape Expo UK this year, with loads of fun, interactive things you can get involved in, as well as some exciting comps & giveaways and some product samples to share. So if you’re attending the Vape Expo 2022 then be sure to come and say hello – the more the merrier!

This year’s vape expo runs from 27-29th May so be sure to save the date in your diary! Tickets are priced at £15 and you can pick them up here.