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How Long Should a Vape Battery Last?

So you’ve picked up a brand-new vape, charged up your device and you’re ready to head off out with enough e-liquid to last you the day. But mindful of being caught short and your new device running out of power you’re now wondering ‘how long does a vape battery last?’

To be fair there’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to vape a device that’s half-full with juice because your battery’s dead! So if you’re looking for some useful info to help prevent this nightmare scenario from playing out then as ever you’ve come to the right place!

how long does a vape battery last

What Can Affect Battery Life?

Before we look at some different types of devices and how long their battery is likely to last, first let’s take a quick look at some of the variables which can seriously impact battery life.

Indeed, there are a number of factors which can affect how long your battery lasts, so if longevity is important then keep an eye on the following things:

  • Size of battery (mAh)
  • How regularly you vape
  • Wattage you’re vaping at (higher wattage will use battery faster)
  • Overcharging (can negatively affect battery life)
  • Fully draining the battery
  • Type of coils you’re using (low resistance coils will use up more power)
how long does a vape battery last

How Long Does a Vape Pen Battery Last?

First let’s start by answering the question ‘how long does a vape pen last’… To be honest this is probably a good place to start as chances are you’re quite new to vaping if you’re unsure of how long vape batteries last, and most beginners start with a vape pen such as the ones you get with starter kits

When we look at the size of the battery inside our vape pens, we use a measurement called milliamp (mAh) which is a unit that measures electric power over time. The higher this number the higher the battery’s capacity.

Some devices – disposable vapes, for example – have a smaller mAh, so these aren’t really designed to last. 

In contrast, some other vape devices have much higher capacity and once one of these high-mAh batteries is fully charged you can bank on them lasting much longer.

Most vape pens are between 1,000-2,000 mAh, so while some of the more advanced vape kits will certainly hold more power, they’re by no means a pushover and a well-built pen made by a respected manufacturer should last you a good while.

So how long does a vape pen battery last? Well, assuming it’s got a decent-sized battery then depending on how heavy you’re using your device, you can expect the battery to keep going for somewhere between 1-3 days. 

If you’re only a light vaper who uses your device occasionally then it should last a few days, but if you’re a ‘go hard or go home’ type person who likes to get the most from your e-cig then be prepared to charge your device every day.

how long does a vape pen battery last

What About Larger Batteries?

These days it’s not uncommon for some kits to come with high-capacity batteries exceeding 5,000mAh. If you’ve purchased a device with a battery this large then this should easily last you a good few days – unless you’re vaping non-stop with the wattage cranked up to the max!

For any battery in the range of 2,000-3,000mAh, light to moderate use should mean you get at least a couple of days before it gives up on you. 

how long does a vape battery last -- 900mAh

How Long Does a 900mAh Battery Last?

Now this might seem hyper-specific, but there’s a few reasons why we’re focusing on this size in particular. 

Not only is this a pretty common-sized battery found in quite a few beginner kits, but we’ve noticed quite a lot of vapers are searching ‘how long does a 900mAh battery last?’.. Add to that the fact some popular disposable units also come with a 900mAh battery, and it’s easy to see why so many people want to know the answer.

Considering this, answering the question will not only give us a rough idea of how long similarly-sized batteries are likely to last, but it also answers your query directly if you have a 900mAh battery.

Like with any other battery/device, there are a lot of variables that dictate how long it’ll take for a battery of this size to run flat. With that said, 900mAh is quite a limited capacity for a vape battery so regardless of the type of the wattage you’re vaping at and the type of coils you’re using, this is probably not going to last too long.

Assuming you’re not vaping relentlessly, you can expect a battery of this size to last you between 1-2 days so if you’re one of those curious about this particular battery then hopefully you’ve found the answers you were looking for in this section.

how long does a vape battery last -- tips

Tips for prolonging your battery

The fact you’ve found this article suggests you’re concerned about your battery running out. Whether that’s because you’ve noticed it seems to be dying faster than usual, or you’d simply prefer not to get caught short while you’re out and about, here are some tips for prolonging your battery:

  • Avoid chain vaping
  • Turn off your device when it’s not in use
  • Charge your battery when it’s below 50%
  • Don’t leave device charging too long/overnight (this is both dangerous and bad for battery health)

Although the most important thing is still the capacity of your battery, if you follow these tips then you can certainly push it much, much further.

So hopefully after reading our “How Long Does a Vape Battery Last?” blog post you now have all the answers to this very important question. If you’ll also be using external batteries and you’d like some info on staying safe then also check out our Battery Safety guide.