Disposable Vape Zero Nicotine

When disposable vapes first came along it’s no exaggeration to say they truly revolutionised the ever-evolving vape industry. Sleek, super convenient and with a low price point, these pocket-friendly devices took the market by storm pretty much as soon as they arrived, although there was one thing missing: there wasn’t a nicotine-free option. 

Well, thankfully, all that changed recently with the arrival of the no nicotine disposable vape which offers all of the benefits you get with a throw-away unit – but without the nicotine, of course!

Just like its predecessor, the no nicotine disposable vape has also exploded in popularity in recent months with units flying off the shelves in next to no time. And with more and more options springing up all the time, the only problem these days is knowing which one to choose!

Well thankfully we know a thing or two about these devices, so to point you in the right direction and help you navigate through the swathes of sub-par units, here’s our pick of the best no nicotine disposable vapes, along with the benefits they offer.

no nicotine disposable

Benefits of No Nicotine Disposable Vape Devices

  • A great step forward in quitting altogether!
  • Non-addictive
  • None of the side-effects nicotine can have
  • No impact on appetite
  • Won’t affect heart rate and blood pressure

A no nicotine disposable vape allows you to enjoy all the convenience of a throw-away unit – not to mention the delicious flavours they offer – but without any of the negatives associated with nicotine.

There are a number of reasons why no-nicotine may be the best choice for some. The most obvious is the fact they’re non-addictive, which means you can vape as and when you please without having to worry about nicotine withdrawals. 

As well as being non-addictive, no-nicotine vapes also allow you to avoid the side-effects associated with nicotine use. In fairness these are only mild, but eliminating your chances of getting headaches, decreased appetite, increased blood pressure, gastro cramps and diarrhoea is always a bonus!

best no nicotine disposable vape

Best No Nicotine Disposable Vape Devices

Now we’ve covered the benefits of using disposable vapes with no nicotine, let’s take a look at two of the best options on the market.

As is the case with their nicotine-containing counterparts, there’s an abundance of devices to choose from when it comes to zero-nicotine vapes, so to help you make an informed choice here are our 2 favourite brands.

no nicotine geek bar

Geek Bar Disposable Vape No Nicotine

As one of the biggest and best disposable vapes on the market, the Geek Bar needs little introduction. Arguably the most successful disposable vape brand around, you’ll see them in practically every vape shop there is, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers GeekVape have gotten in on the zero nicotine action!

When we compare this to the original, literally the only difference is there’s no nicotine – everything else is the same. 

That means it’s armed with a 500mAh battery and 2ml of e-liquid, providing an impressive 600 puffs (estimated). It comes dressed in the same ergonomic design as the original and it also benefits from the in-built inhale activation technology which makes vaping a real doddle. 

As it’s such a new product, the one drawback with the no nicotine Geek Bar is the flavours list is still quite limited. There’s still a decent amount to choose from and you’ll find many of your favourites, but compared to the original Geek Bar range there aren’t quite as many flavours just yet.

Keep in mind though, when the original Geek Bar first arrived there were only 10 flavours available, so hopefully the Geek Bar Zero Nicotine range will boast the same variety soon enough.

no nicotine elf bar

Elf Bar Disposable Vape No Nicotine

Along with the Geek Bar, another extremely popular disposable is the Elf Bar – so much so that it’s actually become the go-to choice for many vapers.

Released around the same time as the Geek Bar, the makers of Elf Bars also own a huge slice of the market, so naturally they were also keen to release their very own zero nicotine option.

Known for their funky, exotic flavours, Elf Bars are a great choice for those who love variety when they vape and the no nicotine option is no different. With 16 flavours to choose from, there’s something to suit most palates in this range and another big draw is many of them are unique to Elf Bar.

As with the Geek Bar, this throw-away kit has a 500mAh battery and it’s also loaded with 2ml of e-liquid with a promise of 600 puffs (again, just an estimate).

Aside from the Elf Bar and Geek Bar, right now we can’t think of any other no nicotine disposable vape we’d rather spend our hard-earned money on. So if it’s a zero nicotine disposable you’re after then look no further than these two.

Remember, these kits are still a relatively new phenomenon so while these are the best two right now, they’ll no doubt face some stiff competition in the not too distant future.

Which one you prefer will ultimately come down to personal choice, but opt for one of these and you can’t really go wrong as you’ll be getting a well-built, good-quality device that offers great flavour and longevity. 

Oh and in case you ever need a great throw-away device that does contain nicotine, take a look at the Fantasi Bar which has recently taken the disposable vape market by storm!