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100ml E Liquid 

All of our UK-made e liquid is available in 100ml quantities, meaning you can stock up on your favourite vape juice without needing a cupboard full of little bottles! 

100ml shortfill e liquids allow you to add your own quantity of nicotine for just the right strength. If you prefer, you can leave the liquid nicotine out and just enjoy one of our great e liquid flavours as it is.

As a shortfill vape liquid specialist we offer our e-liquids in 10ml, 50ml, 100ml and 120ml sizes. Choose your quantity, select from a 0mg, 3mg or 6mg strength and we’ll send you the right amount of nic shots (flavourless nicotine e liquid) to make the perfect vapour juice. 

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Best Selling!
Best Selling!

50/50 and 70/30 100ml Vape Juice

Our 100ml vape juice range includes both 50/50 and 70/30 ratio e cig liquid as well as our full range of strengths. So whatever makeup you prefer for your vape juice you can stock up on 100ml bottles of premium quality.

100ml e liquid flavours

Whether you’re a fan of Ferocious Flavours, our Juicy Nerds or our Fantasi Fruit you can pick up your favourite e juice in 100ml shortfill size.

And of course, all of our 100ml e liquid bottles are produced in our UK-manufacturing base, using only superior quality ingredients of the highest standard.

Nic salt juice 100ml

Nic salts are the new kid on the block, and they’re great for those who prefer the higher strength vape juices but with less of a throat hit. 

Our nic salt juice 100ml bottles come in a range of delicious flavours and they help keep those cravings well at bay by delivering a stronger, smoother hit of nicotine compared to standard, freebase e liquid.

Is 100ml the right size of vape juice for you?

Knowing what size e-liquid to buy is not always an easy decision. Typically, a purchaser of 100ml bottles will know the vape juice they’re ordering having tried it before. 

In terms of size, if you’re looking for the best e juice 100ml might be the ideal capacity. That’s because a 100ml vape juice is at the larger end of the shortfill e liquid sizes, so it’s a quantity that should last you quite some time.

What makes 100ml e liquid ‘shortfill’?

Nicotine products in the UK are limited to being sold in 10ml sizes. So for larger sizes such as 100ml they’re sold nicotine free, with an accompanying nicotine shot which you add yourself. 

So when we use the term shortfill, we’re talking about sizes of above 10ml, sold with a separate shot. Bottles of vape liquid 100ml in capacity are always some of our best-selling sizes of e juice in the shortfill range.

How many tank refills would 100ml of vape juice provide?

Obviously this depends hugely on the size of the tank on your ecig. Most tanks start from a 2ml size and work up from there. Some of the larger ones are up to 4ml. But regardless of your tank size, in terms of vape juice 100ml is quite a lot so it should go a long way!

Cheap 100ml vape juice

If you’re on the hunt for cheap 100ml vape juice then look no further as you’ve found the UK’s number 1 provider of affordable, premium-quality e liquids.

When we first started up, our aim was to bring to the market a range of great-tasting, industry-leading e-liquids that don’t break the bank. Thankfully, we’ve achieved that aim so if you’re in search of a manufacturer where you can buy 100ml vape liquid that’s not only great quality but low in price, look no further than Vapoholic!

100ml e liquid UK

If you’re planning to buy 100ml vape liquid then you’ll want to know you’re getting a product that’s both high-quality and safe to use. But how can you be certain?

For the best 100ml e liquid UK buyers should always make sure they’re purchasing their vape liquid from a reputable seller. Check whether the retailer is TPD-compliant – if not then find one that is!

Can I add nicotine shots to 100ml shortfill e liquids?

Yes absolutely! When you purchase a 100ml bottle of e liquid it won’t come with any nicotine shots, but you’re free to add them.

How much nicotine do I add to 100ml?

If you purchase a 100ml shortfill e liquid then you should add either 2 or 3 x 10ml nicotine shots, which will make the strength of your vape juice 3mg and 6mg respectively. Please note that if you opt for 100ml at checkout you’ll receive no nicotine with your vape juice so you’ll either need to purchase some additional nic shots or you’ll need to opt for the 120ml option instead.

How to mix 100ml e liquid

When you receive your order, your e liquid and nicotine will arrive separately. Firstly, pop off the top of your e liquid being careful not to spill any (if it’s difficult to get off then you can use a bottle opener which works quite well). Then take the top off your nicotine shot and pour it into your e liquid bottle. Once all the nicotine is inside, put the top back on and give it a shake to ensure the nicotine is mixed properly. Leave it to stand for a while and you’re ready to vape!

How much do 100ml shortfill e liquids cost?

The cost of a standard 100ml e liquid without any nicotine is £9.99. If you’d like to add nicotine then it’s £0.99 for standard nic shots and £1.49 for nic salts although you should just opt for the 120ml option at checkout as you’ll receive your supplementary nicotine with your e-liquid. That costs £10.99.

What ranges come in 100ml shortfill e liquids?

Each of our ranges are available in 100ml, so whether you’re a Fantasi fanatic, a Ferocious Flavours aficionado or a juicy nerds lover, you can purchase your favourite e liquid in 100ml quantities.

What is the most popular 100ml shortfill e liquid?

Taste is subjective, but quite often things become popular for a reason. So if you’re keen to look at the most popular 100ml e liquids we stock, head over to our best-selling e liquid page where you’ll see the hottest flavours which your fellow vapers just can’t get enough of!

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