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What are the different types of e-cigarette coil?

The difference in vaping coil often comes down to its resistance level. You have high resistance coils which have a resistance elevel above 1.0 ohm. These are more common in ‘standard’ vaping equipment, typically use less eliquid and produce smaller vape clouds.

Low resistance coils, often referred to a sub-ohm, are more heavy duty equipment for seasoned vapers. They will use up your eliquid quicker and produce larger vape clouds.

What is the best vape coil for me?

It is all a matter of personal preference, and the type of vape device you use. If you are vaper just looking for a great tasting vape with minimal fuss and want your eliauid to last as long as possible, a high resistance coil will be fine for you.

However if you enjoy larger vape clouds when you vape and like more advance vaping equipment then a sub ohm is probably the way to go.

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