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Impeachment Eliquid


Menthol Tobacco 50/50 | Ferocious E-Liquid


Menthol Tobacco 70/30 | Ferocious E-Liquid


Mix & Match 10ml Salts Bundle

£12.45 £5.99

Pineapple Cubes 70/30 | Ferocious E-Liquid


Pineapple Raspberry Breeze 50/50 | Ferocious E-Liquid


Red Slush 50/50 | Ferocious E-Liquid


Summer Fruits Squash 70/30 | Ferocious E-Liquid


How to choose a new vape juice flavour

It is always exciting trying something new. But in the world of vaping the sheer choice on offer can make it a difficult decision to make! This is especially true for the less seasoned vapour who hasn’t yet decided what type of vape works best for them. If you have been vaping for a while you will more likely have an idea of whether you like a sweet or a savoury vape, the strength of vape juice you enjoy, and the ratio of VP/PG.

For new vapers it can be more difficult. You haven’t yet experience all of the new vaping experiences that come with different strengths, ratios and flavour combinations.

One way to choose a new vape is to go with flavours you like outside of vaping. If you have a sweet tooth then you would typically be a fan of a new sweet flavoured eliquid. But it is not just about sweet or savoury. We have specific vape flavours aligned with real world experiences. Cola, Cheesecake, Liquorice, and many others which give you the taste of a food or drink. Here it is pretty simple. If you like to eat or drink it, you will probably enjoying vaping it.

The other consideration can be menthol variants. A lot of our new vapes come with a menthol variation for a different hit. Here you are going to have to try a menthol verions and decide if it is the vaping experience for you or not.

Thenkfully for new vapers or those looking for a new vape taste. We have our sample bundles which mean you can try out a new vape flavour without having to commit to buying it in a shortfill quanity.

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