Strawberry Banana – Fantasi Bar Disposable Vape


Strawberry Banana – Fantasi Bar Disposable Vape



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Fantasi Bar – Strawberry Banana

Strawberry and banana are hands down two of the most flavoursome e-liquid flavours money can buy, so we thought the only thing to do was combine them together to create a double dose of delectable deliciousness!

The Strawberry Banana Fantasi Bar disposable is overflowing with authentic flavours of this delightful duo, with sweet notes of strawberry complimented by rich and creamy bananas for a sweet, scrumptious and super-smooth all-day vape.

Each Fantasi Bar is filled with 20mg/ml of e-liquid, which delivers a minimum of 600 puffs (estimated) so gone are the days when your disposable died on you after just a few short hours!

  • Minimum 600 puffs
  • Premium quality materials
  • 650mAh battery
  • 20mg/ml (2ml capacity)
  • TPD-compliant

The Fantasi Bar Strawberry Banana is a delicious disposable device that’s perfect for those looking to quit smoking. Here’s why:

Fantasi Disposable Range

When we first created the Fantasi brand, our mission was to offer top-quality e-liquids at rock-bottom prices, and over the years we’ve steadily become one of the UK’s most well-known and trusted manufacturers. 

After the success of our e-liquid range, we thought we owe it to the vaping community to bring our expertise to the world of disposable vapes, which has become a popular destination for beginners and those on the go. That’s how the Fantasi Bar was born.

Arriving in ten delicious flavours, the Fantasi Bar Disposable will pack all the familiar flavour of our e-liquids, only this time it arrives in a simple, hassle-free disposable unit that removes any stress – and mess – from your vaping experience.

Fantasi Bar Strawberry Banana

Premium Quality Device

For a premium quality vape, you need premium quality materials – which is why you’ll find only the best on the Fantasi Bar Disposable, including organic Japanese cotton, a matte-finish body and the latest vaping technology inside.

Long-Lasting Battery & Flavour

One of the annoying things about some disposables is their poor battery which ends up dying after a few short hours, which is where the Fantasi Bar differs. That’s because this throw-away unit has an impressive 650mAh battery, so there’s no need to worry about your device giving up on you in next to no time!

Fantasi Bar Strawberry Banana

Healthier & Cheaper alternative to smoking

It’s pretty common knowledge by now that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking. In fact, Public Health England carried out a landmark study that determined e-cigs are at least 95% safer than conventional cigarettes. As disposables are designed to encourage smokers to make the switch to vaping, the health benefits are immense.

What you might not know is that when you switch from smoking to vaping, as well as your health thanking you, your finances will too! That’s because vaping is much cheaper than smoking, and depending on how much you smoke(d) you could save literally thousands every year.

Benefits of Fantasi Bar Strawberry Banana 

Disposable vapes come with a range of benefits, and the Fantasi Bar Disposable is no exception. Here’s what makes them such an attractive option, particularly for beginners.

Ease of Use

Aimed at beginners, disposable units are hands down the most user-friendly devices on the market. Unlike other devices that have different settings and buttons that can be confusing for beginners, with the Fantasi Bar you simply take it out of the box and away you go! It really couldn’t be more straight-forward. 

No Maintenance

As well as ease of use, there’s also no maintenance involved. So unlike other devices, you won’t need to charge, refill or clean your devices.

How to use Fantasi Disposable Vapes

If you’re new to vaping, here’s how to use our Fantasi Bar disposable vape kit:

Step 1: Take the device out of the packaging.

Step 2: Place the mouthpiece (the part with the hole) into your mouth and inhale in a similar way you would a cigarette.

Step 3: Breathe out the vapour and enjoy!

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