The Vapoholic Survey 2019

Please complete this short survey on our service and our products. Each entry will help us improve our service and bring you the very best that the vaping industry has to offer! Plus you are in for a chance to win a Vapoholic voucher…

Do you currently smoke cigarettes, or not?

Do or did you ever consider yourself a smoker?

About how many cigarettes do or did you smoke in a typical day?

What reason do you have to not smoke?

Do you or did you suffer from any medical condition that was the driving force to quit smoking?

Which quitting technique works best for you?

Do any of your family or friends currently smoke cigarettes?

Have you recommended vaping to those who currently smoke?

If recommending vaping to a friend or family member, are you likely to recommend Vapoholic's products to help them quit?

Do you currently Vape?

What are your favourite flavours?

How long have you been vaping?

Where do you buy your eliquid from?

Have you sucessfully quit smoking with vaping products?

Did the Vapoholic products help you quit smoking?

What about Vapoholic helped or is helping you quit?

Do you use any Vapoholic products when vaping?

What do you use from Vapoholic?

If chosen, can we contact you to be a part of a case study on quitting smoking with vaping? Each chosen person will receive a Vapoholic Voucher!

8 + 13 =