What’s the right e-liquid flavour for me?

Vaping isn’t just about quitting smoking – there’s also the vast array of e-liquid flavours available. But which one is suitable for you?

You have tobaccocoffeementholdessert, sweetfruitdrink and mixed flavoured e-liquids to choose from.

As with standard and nic salt, it’s all a matter of personal preference but here are a few of our office favourites you might like to try first:

fantasi grape ice e liquid

Grape Ice E Liquid

Our classic grape vape juice forms the base, we then supercharged the cooling for a fruity, refreshing blast!

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black jack e liquid

Black Jack E Liquid

Mimicking the delicious blend of sweet aniseed and liquorice of the retro candy, Black Jack E Liquid is perfect if you have a sweet tooth and like a deep, rich vape.

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fantasi cola ice e liquid

Cola Ice E-liquid

A new arrival but already a firm favourite both in the office and with our customers. This fizzy drink inspired vape juice is a must if you’re a cola and cool vape lover.

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Red Air E-liquid

Full of subtleties, this vape juice blends aniseed, berries, menthol and eucalyptus to create a complex and satisfying flavour.

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