Vaping is a great way to move away from smoking cigarettes, it tastes great and can become an exciting hobby in itself! And, let’s face it, it’s pretty cool too.

But starting on your vaping journey can leave you scratching your head with all the products available and terminology to learn.

Fear not, we’re here with our beginner’s guide to vape starter kits to get you vaping happily in no time!

Before we get started, there’s a lot of information ahead to digest regarding all the possible choices. If you want to get going as quickly as possible, have a look at our guide Getting Started With Vaping where we focus on our choice of Starter Kits, the Innokin Endura T18E.


Getting your head around vape starter kits


Choosing from the huge variety of vape starter kits on the market today can be mesmerizing so let’s break it down. First, we’ll start with the most basic which would be the ‘cigalike’.

Cigalikes mimic the look of a cigarette. They are inexpensive and easy to use but as a disposable option, they really don’t provide the best flavour or vaping experience. It’s also not always a good idea to have a device which looks like a cigarette, especially if you’re looking to quit smoking! Not to mention the fact that you might run into trouble in areas where cigarette smoking is restricted.


Closed Pod Systems

The next step up would be a closed pod system which, though still relatively inexpensive and small, doesn’t look like a cigarette and offers more functionality.

Both cigalikes and closed pod systems tend to be very simple, consisting of just a rechargeable battery (usually charged via USB), a disposable pod filled with ‘e-liquid’, ‘vape juice’, or ‘e-juice’, and a heating element to vaporise the liquid. Once you’ve placed the pod in the device, you’re ready to go…just inhale and enjoy!

Now, if you’re looking for devices with better flavour, greater functionality, a better battery life, and more vapour production, you’re going to want to get yourself one of the many refillable tank vape starter kits available on the market.


Refillable tank (open system) vape starter kits

These bad boys are the ones you’ve most likely to have seen out and about. They are larger and offer many more advantages over cigalikes and closed pod systems.

The refillable ‘clearomiser’ tank is the most obvious improvement over pod-based vape starter kits. Tanks not only save you money in the long run but also enhance the e-liquid flavour experience. Simply fill the tank with an e-liquid of your choice and let it sit for a few moments to soak around the heating coil then enjoy the rich plumes of great tasting vapour! All you need to do is keep your vape liquid topped up during the day to at least the minimum fill line. You usually need to give the ‘fire button’ 3-5 quick clicks to get vaping.

The other main advantages these devices have is the extended battery life, which can be 4-6 times longer than the smaller systems, and increased vapour production – a must if you love big clouds of vapour!

You will find some models with a refillable and replaceable tank and others have a non-replaceable tank but a replaceable coil. Depending on the device you choose (check out our hand-picked vaping hardware here), you will have to change out those replaceable parts when you notice a decrease in vapour production and/or any deterioration in vape juice flavour. Still, it’s less hassle than a daily trip to the shops to buy a pack of cigs!

These kits won’t usually come with e-liquid included (and why would they, you should be choosing your own delicious flavours!) so don’t forget to pick up a couple of bottles along with the device.

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Vape starter kits – go for a refillable tank for the best vaping experience

So, that’s our beginner’s guide to vape starter kits. In short, if you’re a light vaper looking for something small, inexpensive and easy to use, then go for a cigalike or closed pod system. Those of you looking for better flavour and battery life, greater vapour production and a more cost-effective solution over the long run, we recommend vape starter kits with refillable tanks.

Any tips for buying your first vape starter kit? Let the community know in the comments below.

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