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DA ONE Devices

A brand-new force in the UK market, DA ONE effectively blends high-end performance and style to deliver some of the best vape devices available today. Boasting a range of innovative features – such as their unique cotton Rever filters – DA ONE is redefining vaping as we know it.

About DA ONE

DA ONE are mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping specialists, offering a range of cutting-edge devices specially engineered for use with 50/50 nic salts and CBD e-liquids.

These kits are sure to deliver maximum flavour every time. Offering a tight draw and satisfying throat hits, DA ONE vapes are perfect for ex-smokers, beginners, and experienced vapers alike. 

Founded in 2016, DA ONE became a household name in Italy before spreading quickly across Europe. Now, they’re ready to bring their pioneering devices to the UK with a mission to help smokers find the path to a healthier lifestyle. 

Offering a wide range of products, from easy-to-use starter kits, flavoursome pods and coils, and unique customisable drip tips, making the switch to vaping has never easier. 

If you want to learn more about DA ONE’s exciting new offerings, take a look at our handy DA ONE product guide!

Pod Kits

If you’re looking for a sleek pod device, check out the comprehensive full RE1 pod kit. This vape pen boasts a long-lasting battery and an impressive powerbank, with a combined battery capacity of 3000mAh! Offering portable recharging and intense flavours, this device is perfect for all-day vaping. 

Tank Kits 

If you’d prefer a more traditional tank coil device, the compact yet powerful TICO device is the answer for you. Featuring an impressive stainless steel tank – compatible with mesh coils – this device offers maximum flavour, with an impressive 1350mAh battery for up to 48 hours of use.