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Shortliq E Liquid

Experience a new, innovative e-liquid in the world of nicotine salt vaping! We saw a gap in the market for more nicotine salt options and longer-lasting flavour sessions, and we have the solution: Shortliq.

With Shortliq’s pod-style juices, you can enjoy the same fantastic value as shortfill e-liquids with the convenience of a 60ml bottle – no more being limited to 10ml bottles for strong nic salts! And with the strength of 10mg, you’ll be able to savour the flavour for even longer whilst squashing your nicotine cravings.

Who are Shortliq?

Shortliq, created by us here at Vapoholic, is a pioneering e-liquid brand that is trying to bridge the gap between nicotine salt vapers and shortfill vapers.

For the vapers who prefer the fast-acting and smooth nicotine salts, were limited to either 10ml bottles of 10mg and 20mg strength, or shortfill e-liquids that only offered 3mg and 6mg strength.

But, now with the delicious Shortliq, vapers can enjoy 60ml of nic salt e-liquid in the maximum nicotine strength of 10mg for a more cost-effective solution.

Every flavour is made with premium 50% VG and 50% PG for the perfect balance of flavour-bursting puffs and satisfying cloud production, to experience the flavours to their fullest, we suggest using a pod-style kit.

Fully TPD compliant, the e-liquid arrives nicotine-free and 3 nicotine shots to add inside!

Mixing Your Nicotine Salts with Shortliq

Your Shortliq will arrive as a 60ml bottle filled with 30ml of the e-liquid flavour, you will then receive three 20mg nicotine salt shots.

With our innovative nicotine shot design, you can simply take off the lid of both the shortfill and the shots, and place the larger nicotine shot nozzle over the top of the shortfill nozzle so it sits comfortably and securely. Then just squeeze in your nicotine!

Give it a good shake to mix them together, and then your Shortliq flavour will be ready to start vaping!

Imagery showing how to add nicotine shots to a shortfill e-liquid bottle, simply take off the lids off both bottles, add the nicotine shot nozzle to the shortfill nozzle so it fits comfortably and securely, and squeeze in!