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10ml Vape Juice

Stock up on your favourite 10ml vape juice with our growing range of mouthwatering, all-day vape flavours! Choose from Ferocious Flavours £1 freebase e-liquid in 3mg up to 18mg in strength and Fantasi 10ml nicotine salts in 10mg and 20mg!

Do you want your 10ml e-liquids to be even cheaper? Grab the full range of freebase or nic salt, or 10ml flavour bundles, for a jaw-dropping price!

All of our 10ml vape liquids are TPD compliant and made to the same high standards you’ve come to expect from Vapoholic. If you want more of your favourite flavour, or you want to dictate your own nicotine strength, we’re also the UK’s leading shortfill supplier with more vape juice than you can shake and vape with!


10ml Vape Juice in Amazing Flavour

We create all of our 10ml vape juice ranges right here in Manchester. Manufactured in an ISO 7 Cleanroom environment with the highest grade EP/USP pharmaceutical ingredients on the market, we don’t compromise on taste or vapour.

Because we make our own e-liquid, we can 100% guarantee premium quality while keeping consistently low prices for our customers. Our 10ml ranges feature amazing vape flavours carefully crafted to suit every taste.

Choose from our range of 10ml Freebase E-liquid with nicotine all for just one pound or splurge on our flavour-blasting nic salts juice! Start vaping or continue your vaping journey without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Vapoholic’s 10ml E-Liquid?

Our 10ml e-liquid range is perfect for you to sample a wider range of vape flavours. We know that choosing is difficult with our variety of flavour and strength combinations!

By buying 10ml vape juice in a range of flavours you will be able to find the ones which suit you the best before committing to one of our larger shortfill quantities.


What’s The Difference Between Freebase and Nicotine Salts

The vape experience provided by freebase nicotine liquids is closest to smoking a cigarette and has a greater throat hit. But you should choose nic salt e-liquid if you want a smoother throat hit. It’s faster to absorb and smoother – even at stronger concentrations – so it swiftly satisfies cravings.

We always recommend if you’re an ex-smoker, or prefer the taste of disposable vapes, to switch to nicotine salt liquid as this will be an easier, and just as tasty, transition.