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Innokin Devices

Innokin is a leading manufacturer that combines technological innovation with quality and style to create some of the most popular devices on the market. Known for their excellent starter kits, over the years Innokin has established itself as the go-to brand for beginners, while their advanced kits are adored in equal measure by more experienced vapers.

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Innokin Vapes

E-cigarettes made by Innokin feature a special design and function. They ensure that each one includes cutting-edge technology that is easy to use and provides you with the finest vaping experience possible, wherever you are.

Innokin, one of the leaders in the vape industry and design, has a huge R&D team that creates innovative technology and designs that are perfect for any vaper. Innokin has several Design, Utility, and Processing Patents.

The company is renowned for producing beginner-friendly vape kits that appeal to both current vapers who want a high-quality vape that is perfect for all-day use and smokers wishing to switch to vaping.

Due to its enormous success with the Endura and Coolfire line, it has become immensely popular in the vape community.