Does Vaping Cause Stomach Bloating?

Bloatedness can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition for anyone dealing with the digestive complaint – which is why those who experience frequent bouts of bloating are probably usually keen to avoid any triggers. So, does vaping make you bloated?

You might think vaping and the stomach are completely unrelated. Afterall, the vapour is inhaled into the lungs without ever entering the digestive system. Well, the human body is a complex network and many things are connected in ways we wouldn’t imagine, so things aren’t quite so straightforward.

So does vaping cause bloating? Let’s take a look at what happens inside our bodies when we vape to find out…


what is bloating and does vaping cause it?

What is Bloating and What Causes it?

Most of us have experienced bloating from time to time. It’s usually caused by a particular ingredient that doesn’t agree with us or one-too-many glasses of fizzy soda, and in most cases it’s nothing to worry about. 

However for those who find they get bloated much more frequently, there may be an underlying health issue causing the symptoms. For them, bloating can be an issue. If you do have a chronic illness, although avoiding the things that trigger your symptoms is unlikely to treat the underlying cause, chances are you’d prefer to avoid the bloatedness nonetheless!  

So, can vaping cause gas and bloating? 

can vaping cause gas and bloating

Can Vaping Cause Gas and Bloating?

Surprisingly the answer is yes, vaping can indeed cause gas and bloating. With that said, if you’re worried about becoming bloated as a result using your e-cig then it should be reassuring to know there’s usually an easy way to avoid it.

It might sound weird but one way to ensure you don’t get bloated when using your vape is to stay hydrated. You see, e-liquid contains nicotine which can make you mildly dehydrated. Over time, if you’re continually dehydrated then this can lead to constipation which can result in bloating.

Although the link isn’t direct, in the end vaping could lead to bloating if you fail to hydrate properly throughout the day. 

Everyone should aim for at least 2 litres of water a day, but if you’re going to be using your e-cig regularly then try to up that to 2.5 or even 3 litres. Trust us, your health will thank you – and so will your stomach!

can vaping cause bloating

Other Ways Vaping Can Affect Stomach

So now we know the importance of drinking enough water, does that mean dehydration is the only way vaping can make you bloated? Well…not exactly. While this can certainly play a role in bloating, there are other potential causes, too. One of those is allergies.

Nicotine is known to interact with the digestive tract, and it can cause stomach complaints in some users, particularly those with allergies or chronic conditions like IBS or celiac disease.

Furthermore, studies have shown that vaping can have a slight effect on the oral and gut biome, causing irritation to the lining of the stomach. Although this might sound a tad alarming, it’s worth noting that when compared to smoking this was much less significant. So if you’ve used a vape to quit cigarettes then you’ve still made a positive change. 

Nicotine poisoning, where the user has inhaled large quantities of the chemical, can also cause stomach upset, amongst other symptoms. It’s important to point out you’d have to use your vape device relentlessly to get nicotine poisoning, so this is quite an uncommon occurrence.

If you’re experiencing stomach upset after vaping, the truth is it could be caused by a range of things. Our advice is to drink plenty of fluids and don’t overdo it. You should also make sure you’re vaping a liquid from a trusted, reliable retailer/manufacturer.

If the problem persists, there may be an underlying issue so it’s probably best to get checked out by a doctor.

So does vaping make you bloated? The answer is it can, but if we follow best practice and stay hydrated, the chances of it doing so are slim.

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