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Premium Quality E-Liquids

Welcome to Vapoholic E Liquid, the UK’s most innovative online e-liquid store. We’re here to supply you with the top quality vape juices you need, at an affordable price. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, our range has a liquid that will suit you perfectly.

The Vapoholic E Liquid Mission

Our mission is to offer you liquids with the premium quality you’re looking for, but without the premium price tag. We decided, right from the start, that we would never compromise on standards; taste, safety and satisfaction are always our priorities.

Premium E-liquid at an affordable price

Our aim is to bring you UK made vape juice that is good and cheap, but if there’s a choice to be made we’ll always go with good.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating the best UK e-liquid without adding unnecessary costs that you end up paying. What sets us apart from many other juice stores is our business model. Our liquids are all made in the UK. We use high-quality vape juice ingredients made and sourced in Britain, reducing transport costs. Our state of the art production facility lets us achieve artisanal quality in an efficient laboratory-grade environment. Then we sell directly to you, our vaping customers. There’s no middle man adding another layer of costs, and that makes a big difference to the price of our e-liquids.

Vape shops, whether they’re online or local, do all they can to make their e-liquid prices competitive, but they still have costs to cover and profits to make. All of this gets added on to the final price you pay. With Vapoholic you can skip a whole layer of price inflation on vape juice. We make it; you buy it. It’s that simple.

We’ve also done all we can to cut down on packaging costs. Thanks to EU rules, nicotine-containing liquids can now only be sold in 10ml bottles. Our short fill e-liquid range lets you buy more affordable, larger bottles of nicotine-free vape juice, then mix it to your preferred strength with nicotine shots.

A high quality e-liquid experience…guaranteed

Our range of shortfill eLiquids with nicotine shots, 10ml e-juices with nicotine and CBD e-liquids use only the highest quality ingredients mixed in the UK in an ISO 7 clean room, so we can control every aspect of the production process.

On top of this, our team are all vaping enthusiasts, and that brings benefits at every stage of the process. From creating the best e-liquid flavours for vaping, to giving you the customer support you expect, they know exactly what you need and they’re dedicated to delivering it.

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