Welcome to Vapoholic E Liquid, the UK’s most innovative online e-liquid store. We’re here to supply you with the top quality vape juices you need, at an affordable price. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, our range has a liquid that will suit you perfectly. Our mission is to offer you liquids with the premium quality you’re looking for, but without the premium price tag. We decided, right from the start, that we would never compromise on standards; taste, safety and satisfaction are always our priorities.

The History of Vapoholic

Vapoholic E Liquid was founded in 2017 in Manchester, UK. We’re all vapers here, and we know the struggle of trying to find good E Liquid for a good price. We were tired of either paying too much for our eJuice or simply not being happy with the quality. It didn’t make sense to us that the well-made E Liquid brands should cost as much as they do (especially when vaping is supposed to save you money over smoking). We saw a gap in the market between the poorly made cheap E Liquids and the overpriced ‘Premium’ brands, over the past few years we’ve begun to fill the void with the highest quality E Liquids at the lowest possible prices. And honestly, we think we’ve nailed it. We create our E Liquids in an ISO7 Cleanroom environment using the highest grade EP/USP pharmaceutical ingredients. Our TPD compliant E Liquids have the quality, flavour and vapour production you’d expect from the biggest named brands, but with a more realistic price tag.

Why are your E Liquids so fairly priced?

We don’t believe in hiking prices or squeezing as much money out of our customers as possible. We believe in fair prices. We make our own eJuice and nicotine shots, so we don’t have to pay for someone else to produce or transport them. We make A LOT of E Liquid too, meaning we buy a lot of the raw materials in bulk. This means the savings that we make during manufacturing can be passed directly on to the customer. Because of this, we don’t have to charge you £4.99 for a 10ml bottle or £14.99 for a Shortfill (while claiming to give the best prices around). We can sell you a 10ml bottle for just £1, or a Shortfill bottle for as little as £9.99. And since we’re all about saving you money, the more you buy the more you’ll save. We charge what the best quality E Liquid on the market is worth, nothing more and nothing less.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

We make all of our TPD approved Premium E Liquids in our state-of-the-art ISO 7 Cleanroom, which conforms to all strict MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) standards. All of our expert mixologists surpass GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards which ensures your E Liquid is created in a contaminant free and environmentally friendly way. So when you buy your E Liquids from Vapoholic, you know you’re getting the absolutely best ingredients, mixed together by professionals who follow best practice rules, in a facility that’s certified as an efficient and clean production line.

Why aren’t there any Vapoholic stores?

Vape Stores come with a lot of expenses. If we were to focus our attention on only serving a small portion of any given area, we wouldn’t be able to offer our E Liquids at the amazingly low prices we currently do. With an international online store, we can offer our amazing E Liquids at amazing prices across the world, without missing anyone out. While we understand the benefits of going to a physical Vape Shop, we heavily believe the future is found online. Check out our news article regarding Switching from Physical Vape Shops if you’d like more information on this topic.

What brands do you stock?

Here at Vapoholic we’ve created four fantastic brands for you to choose from; Fantasi E Liquid, Ferocious Flavours, Juicy Blast, and CBD Calm. We have over 100 flavours to choose from in either 0mg Shortfill Bottles, or a variety of strengths in our 10ml E Liquid Range. Our Hardware section is filled with only the most complimentary vape kits on the market. We aren’t your regular Vape Shop, so we won’t be stocking all of the latest gadgets and fancy tech that comes out. We carefully select only the best e cigs based on careful testing, customer reviews and product longevity. So while you’ll find all the big players such as SMOK, Aspire, Innokin, Vaporesso, GeekVape, SIGELEI and VOOPOO in our collection, you’ll only get the devices we trust and would use ourselves.