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OXVA Devices

The product range for OXVA shows why it’s recognised as one of the e-cig brands with the fastest growth to date. With a variety of market-leading devices that have completely changed the vaping experience as we know it, this vape brand is fearless when it comes to innovation. OXVA is committed to making the highest-quality products to enhance your vaping pleasure. Explore their range of powerful battery filled devices, ergonomic features, and sleek designs.

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OXVA Vapes

The goal of OXVA is to develop powerful products, and their name reflects this. The letters ‘OX’ stand for the animal, the ox, which symbolises their commitment to developing strong and dependable products, and the letters ‘VA’ stand for vape, signifying their involvement in the vaping community.

Justin Lai, a well-known figure in the vaping community, founded OXVA. Lai is most recognised for being the co-founder of Geekvape, a company that is distinguished by its superb array of vaping goods.

Everybody can use an OXVA vape kit. There is a kit for everyone, whether you favour MTL or DTL vaping. With devices capable of delivering up to 100 watts of power, we have a variety of vape kits that are ideal for cloud chasers! These have a number of built-in capabilities, including several vaping modes, intelligent chipsets, and variable wattage.

And if you’re looking for something in between a disposable vape and a vape kit, OXVA has you in mind. Their OXBAR RRD is a refillable, rechargeable disposable that can last up to 7 refills and 4500 puffs before needing safely disposed of.