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E Liquid Flavour Concentrates

Find the highest quality vape juice flavour concentrates here at Vapoholic. You can use our extensive selection of delicious flavour concentrates to make unique e-liquids.

Pick up any of our DIY concentrates and start making your own vape juice right away if there is a flavour you have imagined but can’t seem to find anywhere, or if one of the liquids you are vaping isn’t quite up to par and you think it can be improved.

From our Fantasi Remix flavours to our Fantasi Ice range and Ferocious Flavours, we have it all.

Check out our E-Liquid Mixing Calculator and DIY E-Liquid Guide if you’re new to DIY e-liquid and aren’t sure what ratios to use to make a satisfying, well-balanced e-juice.

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What are Vape Flavour Concentrates?

Well, vape flavour concentrates (also known as e liquid flavour concentrates and ecig flavouring) are flavouring vape liquids used in diy vape juice.

Each vape concentrate is a different flavour that you can use to conjure up your own unique blend!

Make sure you use a vape juice mixing calculator and follow the step-by-step instructions set out by our experts to start crafting your very own eliquid!

What is The Best PG VG Ratio for Flavour?

If you want to get the most flavour out of your DIY e-liquid, mix a  balanced PG/VG ratio, such as 50/50

Alternately, favour PG in your DIY vape juice by using one with a PG/VG ratio of about 60/40.

Just keep in mind that the throat hit will be stronger if you craft an e-juice with a greater PG ratio.

What Percentage of Concentrates is Good for Vape Juice?

The good news is if you want to create a smooth, flavoursome and nicely-balanced vape liquid, then utilise our E Liquid Mixing Calculator to find the perfect percentage of flavour concentrates for you!

It takes away the hard work and does the math for you!