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Orange County CBD

Originating in Northern California, Orange County CBD has a reputation for producing excellent quality CBD products that burst with flavour.

To guarantee that each product is made with high-quality CBD, the brand uses innovative technology and techniques in its quality assurance process. Every Orange County CBD product undergoes in-depth testing and evaluation, regularly achieving exceptional results in third-party evaluations so you can be sure you’re getting the best CBD experience possible

Orange County CBD Vape

We now stock the innovative Orange County CBD disposable vape pens in 700 puff terpenes disposable and 3500 puff CBD & CBG vape pens!

With a range of cannabis strain flavours and popular disposable flavours, your CBD vape journey has just got a lot more delicious!

Each 1ml CBD disposable has a built-in micro USB charging point at the bottom of the device, however, the internal battery should last the duration of your usage!

What’s in the Orange County CBD Disposable Vapes?

Broad-spectrum CBD is present in both of the disposable items we stock. Natural terpenes are present in the 1ml disposable and a combination of CBG is available in the 2ml disposable.

In the CBD 3500 puffs, there is also propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine for a smoother CBD vape.

Are the CBD & CBG Disposables Nicotine Free?

Yes! All of the Orange County CBD vape pens are nicotine free! Just tasty CBD and CBG present!

Will Orange County CBD Make Me Feel High?

No, unfortunately, or fortunately, CBD does not contain any THC, so it will not make you feel high. Some of the terpene disposables contain compounds that may make you feel euphoric or calm, but will not make you feel ‘stoned’ like typical cannabis does.