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Nasty Bar

Established in 2015 in the UK vaping market, award-winning e-liquid legends, Nasty Juice, has introduced their Nasty Bar disposable vapes to their mouth-watering collection. The perfect choice for beginners and experienced vapers alike, with 600 puffs and a 500mAh internal battery, you are guaranteed a flavoursome vaping experience with Nasty Bar.

Each disposable vape is packed with delicious flavours and 20mg of nicotine salts to satisfy your cravings, quitting smoking has never been so tasty!

Nasty Juice

The famous Malaysian juice brand, Nasty, has packed their new disposable vapes with complex flavour profiles so there is something tantalising for every kind of vaper. Utilising the latest mesh coil technology in every vape, every puff will effortlessly deliver a burst of flavour and a smooth nicotine salt experience.

The only thing complex about these disposable vapes is their flavour, each disposable is auto-draw activated. Meaning you only have to simply inhale on the device to activate it, making it convenient and simple for on-the-go vaping.

From the intriguing Mineral Water flavour to a tangy Blueberry Sour Raspberry, the Nasty flavours in these disposables are unmatched!