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Shortfill E Liquid & Vape Juice

As the UK’s leading shortfill e-liquid manufacturer, if you’re looking for larger bottles of vape juice then you’ve landed in the right place! Specialists in all things shortfill, we offer a huge selection of e-liquid that caters to all tastes and preferences, with over 200 deliciously diverse flavours to choose from!

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer our shortfill vape juice in not two but three nicotine strengths – 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. So whether you like your vape liquid nicotine-free, mid-strength or you prefer your shortfill with a decent throat hit, we’ve got you covered with these options.

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100ml & 120ml E Liquid Bottles

Shortfill e liquids are larger bottles of vape juice that come in 0mg nicotine strength (nicotine-free vape juice) ready for you to add your own nicotine shots. These 120ml capacity bottles come short-filled – hence the name – leaving room for you to add the nicotine yourself.

The purpose of shortfill e-liquids is TPD rules prohibit the sale of any bottle of e-liquid with nicotine that exceeds 10ml. The issue with this is that 10ml bottles are not only small, but they can start to become expensive. So to avoid excessive costs and to stay within the TPD’s rules, bottles of shortfill e-liquid are sold separately from the nicotine, which you then simply mix together at home!

Each nicotine shot is 10ml. So if you order a bottle of 3mg shortfill juice then you’ll receive 2 x 10ml shots along with your 100ml shortfill juice which equals 120ml. Likewise, if you opt for 6mg then you’ll receive 4 x 10ml nic shots and 80ml of e-liquid.

Choose from our delicious Juicy Blast E liquids, the super popular Ferocious Flavours brand, the tobacco essence of Debonair, the exotic cocktail flavoured Spirited, or the nostalgic taste of our Fantasi E Liquid range. We also offer a delicious selection of CBD E Liquid in our CBD Calm range.

What Is Shortfill Vape Juice?

Due to the TPD (tobacco products directive) requirements in the EU, manufacturers are no longer allowed to sell E Liquid that contains nicotine in bottles any larger than 10ml. This is also why you can only buy tanks with a maximum 2ml capacity. Shortfill Vape Juice is nicotine so it isn’t affected by this rule, and as such can be served in any bottle size. The bottles themselves have space for you to add your own Nic Shots, so if you were to buy a 50ml Shortfill bottle you’d get 50ml of E Liquid with space for a 10ml Nic Shot.

How Do I Mix Shortfill E Liquids?

Adding an 18mg Nic Shot to a 50ml Shortfill bottle will give you a 60ml bottle of E Liquid at 3mg strength. If you want 6mg strength E Liquid, you’d need to add a second Nic Shot making 70ml and 6mg strength. To mix your Shortfill you simply ‘shake and vape’, but let’s expand on that a little. Unscrew the top of your Shortfill bottle, then carefully remove the nozzle section. Unscrew your Nic Shot and squeeze the contents into the Shortfill (being careful to not get any nicotine on your hands). Once filled, pop the nozzle back on and screw on the top. Shake the Shortfill bottle well and you are ready to vape.

What Sizes Do Vapoholic’s Shortfill Vape Juices Come In?

Typically our Shortfill Vape Juice is available in 60ml, 100ml and 120ml quantities. You then get to choose the accompanying Nicotine strength to complement your size. Not all of our flavours are available in every size, but we do our best to offer you the most choice across our range.

What Strength is Shortfill E-Liquid?

The beauty of Shotfill e-liquid is that you can tailor the strength to your own needs and tastes. Each bottle has additional space for your nicotine shot, but you can add as many shots as you require to get your desired strength. We have some standard offerings of 3mg and 6mg but there is nothing to stop you from adding more if you want to.