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Spirited E Liquid

Five elegant and iconic, premium-quality all-day vapes inspired by some of the most famous cocktails in history have been created by Spirited to give you that superior vaping experience, with each and every puff. Each vape juice has been handcrafted to be brimming with taste and vibrancy to allow you to enjoy the flavour of your beloved cocktails, on the go or from the luxury of your own home.

Slip into paradise, no matter your destination.

Why Spirited E Liquid?

When searching for a new vape juice, you can be overwhelmed with sweets, candy, fruity medleys, and menthol flavours. Spirited is inspired by elegant, timeless, and unique flavours which have been chosen and designed with you in mind. Quality premium vape juice which has been crafted in the UK, with luxury at the heart of the brand, from the flavours to the collections to the design.

The launch collection was inspired by five of the most popular cocktails with our own exotic twist, which can be experienced with every inhale. You will be able to pick up on distinct flavour notes to create the desired enjoyment of sipping on your favourite cocktail.

Satisfy your cravings, without the hangover.

Premium Cocktail Flavours

These cocktail-inspired vape juices are flavour-bursting, tropical, and cooled whilst still reminding you of your favourite cocktail. The flavours dance around your mouth like you’re in a high-end cocktail bar.

Blurring the line between happy hour and all-day vape.

Exotic, sweet kiwis and creamy coconuts supercooled on ice to give you Kiwi Colada.

Combining the freshness of mint with the punch of lime and a touch of sweetness inside the Original Mojito.

Brimming with sweet tangy, tropical and sophisticated flavours with tonnes of nuance, supercooled to give you Pineapple & Rum.

Wild strawberries and tropical sugar are mixed with a touch of lime and chilled crushed ice for a crisp citrusy finish in Spirited’s Strawberry Daiquiri.

With dark and juicy forest fruits blended with a pinch of lime and a touch of sweetness for a tangy twist in the unique cocktail mix, Woodberry Mojito.