Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, show your mum you’re thinking of them with a specially selected vape gift set

Our experts here at Vapoholic have created this very special guide to help you find all the vape products you need to make this Mother’s Day a memorable one. 

From e liquids to vape starter packs to feel-good CBD, you’ll find a selection of the very best, high quality options down below.

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Why You Should Gift a Vape Hamper

Gifting a vape hamper is the perfect solution for both beginners and experienced vapers!

For beginners, you can equipped them with everything they need to get started on their vaping journey, for an example: 

A vape hamper like this is the perfect gift for a loved one who’s trying to quit smoking but enjoys the taste and hit they get from disposable vapes.

Or, if you already know they’re a vaper and want to surprise them with a new, advanced kit to show appreciation this Mother’s Day: 

It is one of the easiest gift hampers you could make, and we’re here to help you make it the best present they have every received on Mother’s Day!

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Vape Gifts for Smokers

Giving up smoking can be one of the hardest life choices many people make, and it’s often extremely difficult to completely give up nicotine straight away. If you want to help your mum or a loved one make the switch to vaping and improve their health, then a vape starter kit might be the best place to start.

A starter kit comes with everything you need to get started with vaping and we’ve collected some of the best options to help beat smoking this Mother’s Day:

Nic salts make a great alternative for ex smokers as they offer a stronger nicotine hit than freebase nicotine, meaning any nicotine cravings can be curbed fast whilst offering a smoother hit.

If your loved one prefers disposable vapes, opting for a vape pack that offers Bar Juice e-liquid delivers the same intense flavour that they love from disposables, but in a more cost-effective solution! (Just one 10ml of Bar Juice equals 5 disposable vapes!)

This OXVA Xlim Pro Pack is an all in one option that offers a powerful premium vape as well as a Ferocious 50/50 vape juice in a flavour of your choosing. This vape offers a powerful 1000mAh battery and pods with built in coils to save the fuss of regularly replacing coils. 

If you know your mother has a favourite food or flavour then treat them to the e-liquid equivalent this Mother’s Day. Our range of delectable flavours are bound to get them excited to try vaping and drop the cigarettes.

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What About Starter Kits for Mother’s Day?

Starter kits are a great inclusion in any hamper because they’re so easy to use. When you buy a vape starter kit, your friends and family won’t be confused by learning ohms in coils, which settings needs to be on, or complicated features.

Starter kits work best with nicotine salt 50/50 e-liquid, for the best throat hit, enhanced flavour, and nicotine satisfaction.

The Xros 3 starter pack is brilliant for those who don’t want to compromise on the quality of their first vape. This powerful little vape pod offers a cost effective, reusable, alternative to disposable vapes that is more environmentally friendly.

This vape gift set also includes 3x 10ml bar juices that offer the same flavour concentration of disposables in one single bottle

This makes this vape gift set a sustainable option for those just starting out as well as offering a practical, money saving option for those concerned about the costs of switching to vapes.

For lovers of value for money our Klypse Starter Pack is sure to put a smile on any mother’s face this March, offering a device and three individual Fantasi bar juice flavours for an amazing price.

We really have everything set up for you to pick the best bundle to gift this Mother’s Day.

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Gifts for Experienced Vapers

If a mum in your life is an old school vaper, then you might want to get them an advanced vape kit. This range of vape gifts is ideal for the pros who know their stuff and are looking for some high quality products this Mother’s Day. 

Make your cloud chasers day with this Drag X Pro Kit. The kit feature’s Voopoo’s most powerful vape to date and boasts an advanced operating system to produce the best clouds possible.

This device is compatible with any of our amazing 70/30 E Liquids so you can try a range of tasty flavours from Irish Cream to Strawberry Daiquiri to transport your loved one to a hot, tropical destination with every puff.

If you’re unsure where to start in finding the perfect vape for an experienced friend, an all in one kit is your best bet.

Innokin Kroma  pack couples together one of the most advanced sub ohm vapes on the market with your choice of the biggest selling 70/30 shortfill e liquids.

This means you can’t go wrong in terms of quality, and even if you’re not a seasoned vaper, you can let our Fantasi flavour reviews speak for themselves.

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Choosing the Right E-Liquid

If you’re buying presents for your friends or family but don’t know much about vaping, it can be difficult to find the right vape or know which e-liquids to buy. 

Vape juices are typically divided into two categories: 70/30 ratios and 50/50 ratios.

Put simply, 70/30 vape liquids are best suited for high powered Sub Ohm devices to ensure the best higher vapour production.

50/50 e-cig liquids are for use in less powerful vapes such as vape pens, vape pods and vape starter kits. 

If you know what type of vaper you’re buying for, now you’ll know which ratio of vape juice to buy. If you want a more in depth explanation of the different types of e liquid strengths and ratios, you can check out our extensive e liquid guide.

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This Fantasi Juice Salts Bundle is brilliant value for money and is ideal for those starting out and using pod devices. The bundle includes the 10 most popular Fantasi flavours from Spearmint Ice to Gummy Bear, so you can gift a wide selection and explore a variety of rich 50/50 taste in 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths. If you’re not sure what flavours to get for your mother, this bundle ensures they’re bound to find a flavour they like. 

If you’ve noticed your mum’s vape is getting worn out or out of date, treat them to a brand new device like the OXVA Artio.

A 50/50 vape like the Artio makes a great present as this lightweight but powerful model has been designed to produce rich and smooth flavours when paired with any 50/50 e-liquid. This means you can stock up on a range of 50/50 flavours and experience them all without the need for additional devices. 

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This Ferocious 70/30 Shortfill Bundle offers sensational flavours for users wanting to create those big clouds with sub ohm devices.

With this pack, you can experience 7 different best selling flavours, ideal for those who want to experiment with different variations of flavour concoctions. 

If you’re wanting to gift someone a device to go with this bundle, the Luxe XR by Vaporesso is super handy if you’re not sure what type of vaper someone is.

This device supports direct to lung as well as mouth to lung vape styles, so you can rest assured it will suit anyone who vapes 70/30 E liquids. It also boasts a powerful 1500 mAh built-in battery whilst remaining compact so it’s great for those busy mums on the go.

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Mother’s Day Ideas for CBD Users

CBD has become an immensely popular product in recent years and is on many people’s wish lists during holiday periods.

CBD comes in a range of forms from e liquids to gummies meaning it’s suitable for everyone and not just those who vape. 

If you’re unsure about CBD you can check out our What is CBD Vape Juice? blog to find out more. For an extensive ranked list of CBD products, see our Best CBD Products blog. 

This CBD liquid and vape juice bundle is an excellent addition to any vape hamper. This bundle gives vapers a 10ml CBD Calm e-liquid alongside a Fantasi or Juicy Blast shortfill, so you can mix the calming effects of CBD with your favourite vape liquid flavour. 

You can never go wrong with a variety bundle, and our CBD Calm Bundle offers a range of different CBD products for you to explore. This set contains 4 different types of CBD including a CBD isolate, CBD distillate, CBD terpene eliquid and a CBD Oil that can be taken under the tongue.

This wide selection not only adds some brilliant variety to any vape hamper but it also allows people to find the best CBD product for them.

If you’re struggling to think of CBD gifts, we have a quick CBD quiz you could take to get a personalised recommendation. 

CBD for Beginners

If you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, CBD could potentially help with this and might be a thoughtful gift to aid relaxation this Mother’s Day. For newcomers to CBD vaping, 1000mg is usually the recommended dose, but there are options to start off slower. 

If you really want to help ease someone into the CBD experience our CBD calm range is the best option with strength options starting as low as 300mg. 

For those who want to explore different flavours, our CBD Terpenes bundle is an excellent choice. Not only does this vape gift set include 5 different terpene eliquid flavours, the liquids include terpenes which are proven to provide immune system support and aid relaxation.

These CBD liquids do have the same natural, earthy taste as the cannabis plant so if you think this might not be to someone’s tastes, stick to our other CBD E liquids.

CBD for Experienced Users

If you know any experienced CBD users, you’ll be able to gift them vapes and e liquids containing higher strengths of CBD. A set like this Vape Juice CBD Set that combines vape juice with a 2000mg CBD shot is a good choice for those who know what they want from CBD and already have a favourite vape liquid flavour.

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Vape Hamper Filler Ideas

If you’re looking for a few extra little treats this Mother’s day then take a look at our Nic Salt range. These 10ml bottles are small enough to fit snugly into any hamper and are sure to be a practical gift for any avid vaper.

Choose from a selection of single bottles in delicious flavours from Cola Ice to Cherry, or go all out and purchase our bundle of the best selling Fantasi flavours.

Or, if they prefer the hit off freebase nicotine, we have 10ml standard nicotine for only £1! 

For some great compact CBD products, try out our selection of CBD Isolate Powder pots. A small 3mg pot is a perfect gift and offers a strong 3000mg of CBD in powder form.

You can use this powder in many different ways from adding to drinks or sprinkling on foods, so your mother can find the best method for her. We also offer pure CBG powders too!

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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts at Vapoholic 

We hope you’ve found this page useful and you’re now on your way to buying the perfect vape gifts this Mother’s Day. 

A vape hamper is the perfect way to treat your mum to high quality products at an unbeatable price. Include our CBD Calm products in your hamper to help all the busy mums out there unwind and take a break on their special day.

If you’re still unsure on the right product to gift a mother in your life, get in touch with a member of our Vapoholic team and we’ll be able to give you expert advice!

Want to learn even more about vaping and the best vapes on the market?  You might want to check out our blog on the best vape kits under £20 if you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved on a budget.