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fantasi bar juice 10ml e liquid graphic

fantasi bar juice 10ml e liquid graphic

Fantasi Bar Salts Vape Juice

If we told you there’s now a range of vape juice e Liquid offering the same amazing flavours and enhanced taste as your favourite disposable brands, would you believe us? Well you’d better, as the brand-new Fantasi Bar Salts vape juice e liquid range does exactly that!

Let’s face it, we all love the flavour of disposable vapes. But despite their great taste and delicious flavours, one thing that’s holding them back is the cost as they can start to get expensive. This is why most disposable vapers eventually switch to a refillable device, as they’re much cheaper in the long run.

If you’ve recently made the switch but you’re craving the flavours you vaped previously, we’ve got just the solution. Super concentrated and sweeter than standard e-liquids to achieve the same strong flavour you get with disposables, our range of 10ml Bar Juice Nic Salts vape liquid features many of the most popular disposable flavours, and they work great with any easy-to-use pod vape kit or vape pen, offering a simple, tasty and cost-effective way to vape.