Nicotine Pouches VS Snus

Nicotine pouches have become immensely popular in recent years with all types of individuals from athletes to ex-smokers. Many people however confuse nicotine pouches with the banned Swedish snus pouches and have developed false conceptions of nic pouches.

In this blog we’ll outline the differences between snus and nicotine pouches, why you’d want to use nicotine pouches and why you shouldn’t be using snus.

What is snus image showing snus pouches in a pot

What Is Snus?

Snus or Swedish Snus is a form of pouched tobacco originating from Sweden. The pouches sit under the top lip against gums and give the user a hit of nicotine. Some Snus products are flavoured with menthol or other flavours but there is a strong and distinctive tobacco taste to these pouches.

What are nicotine pouches image showing tubs of nic pouches

What Are Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches are tobacco free pouches that usually come in a range of flavours. They are also placed under the top lip against the gum in the same manner as Snus in order to give users a hit of nicotine.

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What’s The Difference Between Nicotine Pouches And Snus?

The most important difference between snus and nicotine pouches is that Snus contains tobacco and nicotine whereas nic pouches are tobacco free. Nicotine pouches contain only nicotine that is designed to satisfy cravings and no other substances from the tobacco plant. 

As such, nicotine pouches do not have the strong tobacco taste present in snus that many people find unpleasant. They won’t cause any yellowing of teeth that you might experience from the tobacco in snus either.

Another big difference between nic pouches and snus is the shelf life. Due to the fact snus is made from the tobacco plant, it has a much quicker expiration date compared to nicotine pouches that can last around a year.

Size of pouches is also a noticeable difference between snus and nic pouches. Snus pouches tend to be larger and less compact whereas nicotine pouches can range in size and can be incredibly compact and discreet.

There is also significantly less chance of side effects from using nicotine pouches compared to using snus. The toxic, health damaging chemicals found in cigarettes come from tobacco, and as such they are also present in the tobacco leaves in snus. This can cause tooth, gum and other damage to the body.

When it comes to nicotine pouches, there is no evidence to prove they cause mouth damage and the most common but mild side effects are some slight irritation or upset stomachs. 

Is snus illegal image showing stacked pots of snus and a judge hammer

Is Snus Illegal In The UK?

Snus is in fact an illegal product in the UK and has been since the ban on oral tobacco products in 1992. Many people confuse snus with nicotine pouches or are unsure of the difference between the two. 

Nicotine pouches are a completely legal product as they contain no tobacco whilst snus has been banned in Britain for over 30 years. It’s easy to see why there may be confusion, but it’s important to remember that if nicotine pouches contained tobacco they would not be available for sale to the public.

Who would want to try nicotine pouches images showing nic pouches in hands

Who Might Want To Use Nicotine Pouches?

Ex smokers

People wanting to move away from cigarettes may find nic pouches a helpful smoking cessation aid. There are a wide range of nicotine products that can help smokers from vapes to nicotine patches but nicotine pouches are another option that offer fast and intense nicotine release, something that smokers are accustomed to and may crave after quitting cigarettes.

Ex snus users

Whilst snus has been banned in the UK for quite some time, there are still members of the older generation or individuals from overseas where snus is legal that have used the product. If you’re looking for a similar product that complies with UK laws and offers nicotine release though the gums then nic pouches would make a great substitute. 


You might still be a vaper or smoker but are travelling to somewhere where there are bans or restrictions on these practices. The portable, convenient and discreet design of nic pouches means that you can still get your hit of nicotine without inconveniencing others with smoke or vapour or breaking any laws. 

You can also travel light with nicotine pouches as the tubs are small enough to fit into a pocket without the need for extra bags or coat compartments. The packaging even includes a compartment to store used pouches so you can dispose of them properly when it’s most convenient. 

What nicotine pouches should I use images showing tins

What Nicotine Pouches Should I use?

When it comes to finding good nicotine pouches, you want to look for products that offer strong, lasting flavour as well as a consistent and satisfying release of nicotine.

These Killa nicotine pouches provide an extra strong hit of nicotine and come in irresistible flavours like juicy Watermelon. You can use these pouches for up to 30 minutes and you’ll be able to tell the nicotine is being released with a slight tingling sensation on your lips and gums. 

Tacja offers by far the best option for flavours if what you’re wanting from your nicotine pouches is a tasty treat alongside a powerful nic hit. In mouth watering flavours like Lemon Mango, these pouches offer an intense 20mg worth of nicotine and are designed for experienced snus users.


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Final Thoughts

When it comes to oral tobacco products like snus, it is well known that these products are illegal and are not authorised for sale in Great Britain. The health repercussions of these tobacco containing products are also well documented, with oral tobacco being scientifically proven to cause oral cancer

Users of nicotine pouches can however rest assured they are safe from these dangers because as previously mentioned, these products are tobacco free and have no serious recorded side effects. 

If you’re wanting a more in depth exploration, check out our blog that tells you everything you need to know about nicotine pouches.