Do Vapes Have Calories? Everything You Need to Know

Are you on a diet or just worried your e-cig might result in some unwanted weight gain? If so then you might well be one of the people who have contacted us asking do vapes have calories. 

If you’ve browsed our massive selection of e-liquid, you’ll know there are literally hundreds of delicious flavour to choose from, and among them you’ll find many of your favourite dessert, candy and fruit soda indulgences.

So with all these decadent flavours to choose from, it’s easy to see why so many people are concerned about the effect vaping may have on body weight. 

So do vapes have calories? Let’s find out.

do vapes have calories

Are There Calories in Vapes?

The short answer to this question is yes, vapes do contain calories. However, with that said, not all e-liquid has the same amount (some contain much more than others) which is why it’s important to know the difference between the many types of e-liquid if we hope to get a good understanding of how vaping can affect our weight. 

Likewise, we also need to look at how many of those calories we actually consume when we vape. Afterall, vaping calories is completely different to eating or drinking them, so does it even matter if your vape juice has calories in it?

are there calories in vapes

How Many Calories in a Vape?

The two most abundant ingredients in vape juice are vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol – the rest is made up of sweeteners and flavourings. Both VG and PG contain around 4 calories per gram, which isn’t much at all. The same can be said for the flavourings, which contain little to no calories. 

Indeed, when trying to work out how many calories are in a vape, it all boils down to what the manufacturer has used to sweeten the product. 

If sugar has been used in the manufacturing process then the amount of calories will be significantly higher compared to e-liquids where an artificial sweetener has been used. 

So for e-liquid with less calories, stick to sugar-free vape juices that use artificial sweeteners instead. Your teeth will also thank you as they can become damaged and stained from vaping an e-liquid that contains sugar. 

Now we’ve established which e-liquid contains the most calories, here’s the all-important question: does it even matter? Eating or drinking calories is one thing, but does vaping increase your calorie intake?

how many calories in vapes

Does Vaping Calories Even Matter?

The answer to this one is no. As we’ve pointed out, there’s a huge difference between eating/drinking something and vaping it. The only way for your body to adsorb calories is to consume the product.

So unless you’re drinking e-liquid with sugar in it – something you shouldn’t do for pretty obvious reasons – then you’ve nothing to worry about with regards to vaping and gaining weight.

In fact, if you’re vaping an e-liquid that contains nicotine then it can actually have the opposite effect, as it might encourage weight loss. This is due to a few things, including changes to your metabolic rate/insulin levels and a decrease in appetite. For more info on this topic check out our ‘Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight’ blog post.

Disclaimer: We do not promote vape products as a way to lose weight. Nicotine is a very addictive and harmful chemical that should never be vaped unless you are using vaping as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).