Golisi Needle Compact Mini Charger

Golisi Needle Compact Mini Charger

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Golisi Needle Compact Mini Charger

The Golisi Needle compact battery chargers are a great way to keep your batteries on charge while you’re on the go. Fitted with a 5v /1A USB port, simply use your existing USB plug to charge your batteries (such as your smart phone plug) while you’re on the move.

Constructed from fireproof, military grade materials, these chargers also come with stainless-steel loading springs, making them extremely tough and durable despite their compact size. And with numerous built-in safety features such as Automatic Temperature Regulation and Overcharge Protection, these are undoubtedly some of the most safety-conscious battery chargers on the market.

Batteries not included. If you need 18650 batteries Find them here!

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Lightweight and Portable

The Golisi Needle Charger weighs in at just 37 grams for the single and 54 grams for the dual. Lightweight and compact, they’re the ideal choice if you’re on the move or in the office.


The Golisi Needle charger comes with a number of built-in safety features including Automatic Temperature Regulation to prevent overheating and Overcharge Protection, which stops the devices from continuing to charge when the batteries are full. Furthermore, with a body made from fireproof material providing full protection and the added bonus of Reverse Polarity Protection, if you’re in search of a battery charger you can trust then these tick all the right boxes.

golisi needle charger spring and plates


The Golisi Needle charger is constructed from strong, resistant and high-quality materials. Military grade stainless steel is used for the charging plates and spring, which makes for an incredibly durable, hard-wearing device, despite their diminutive size.


The Golisi Needle Compact Mini Chargers are compatible with most cylindrical rechargeable batteries, specifically Li-ion ranging from 32 to 70mm in length and 32mm in diameter. Our 18650 Sony VTC5 batteries fit perfectly.

Golisi needle charger box

What’s in the box?

• Charger body
• User manual
• Power cable

Batteries not included. If you need 18650 batteries Find them here!


• Specifications:
• Input: DC 5V /1.0A
• Idling Output Voltage: 4.2V
• Output current: 0.5A / bay
• Protection Mode: Short Circuit Protection; Over-Current Protection; Reverse Connection Protection
• Case Material: Fire proof material
• Loading spring: Military grade spring
• Working Temperature : 0-40 Celsius

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