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Heizenberry 70/30 E-Liquid Ferocious


  • A cool inhale with a sweet, mixed berries aftertaste is produced by the combination of the secret Heisenberg recipe, aniseed and menthol to become your new go-to vape liquid
  • Choose from nic salts 3mg or 6mg or freebase nicotine 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg to add to your bottle
  • High VG for cloud-chasing vapers
  • Perfect for Breaking Bad fans & sub-ohm vaping kits

(143 customer reviews)

Heizenberry Vape Juice (Formerly Heizenberg E Liquid)

Heisenberry E Liquid takes its inspiration from the hit television show Breaking Bad’s lead character, Heisenberg. We took the unique secret recipe and added our own touch of cool absinthe along with aniseed to round off the flavour, and we believe we’ve made it better than ever! On inhale the delicious mix of menthol and aniseed blend together with the absinthe for a mouth-watering experience. On exhale, the fruity infusion of mixed berries slowly takes over the flavour leaving you with a deliciously moreish aftertaste.

Useful Information

This update on the classic Heisenberg E Liquid is made with a 70/30 mix (70% VG to 30% PG). As VG is thicker than PG, you’ll need a high-powered Sub Ohm device to ensure the vape juice is vaporised correctly.

To learn more about vape liquid ratios, how to use Shortfill E Liquids, or how to properly choose/maintain your coils, have a look at our handy guides below!

– View our E Liquid Guide
– View our Shortfill Guide
– View our Vape Coil Guide

Please note that you may receive our old/new branding, the flavour is exactly the same.

All of our Ferocious Flavours Vape Liquids come in a range of sizes and strengths. You can get your 0mg Heizenberry 70/30 E Liquid in 100ml Shortfill Bottles. If you want nicotine with your Shortfills, we stock 100ml and 120ml bottles at either 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength. You can also grab a 10ml E Liquid bottle with nicotine already added. We stock 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg so you can just pop it into your tank and get vaping straight away!

If you’re not sure what kind of vaper you are, we put together some handy guides to help you pick the perfect vape kit for your style of vaping.

Product Breakdown

  • Aniseed, Menthol, Absinth, Mixed Berries flavour vape juice
  • Made with a 70/30 VG/PG Mix.
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg.
  • British Manufacturer.
  • TPD Compliant.
  • Works best in Sub Ohm kits.


  • Vegetable Glycerine (70%)
  • Propylene Glycol (30%)
  • Vapoholic Menthol Flavouring
  • Vapoholic Aniseed Flavouring
  • Vapoholic Absinth Flavouring
  • Vapoholic Red Berry Flavouring
  • Vapoholic Blueberry Flavouring


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143 reviews for Heizenberry 70/30 E-Liquid Ferocious

  1. ian smith (verified owner)

    Excellent service i always use vapoholic

  2. Andy Halman (verified owner)

    Good shop very easy to navigate

  3. Bryn Pope (verified owner)

    Good price and product every time

  4. jason wright (verified owner)

    Great flavour definitely recommend.

  5. Ian Tague (verified owner)

    My usual vape oil, but they have a great selection of flavours.

  6. Helen Galli (verified owner)

    Great flavour, always keep buying this one

  7. Lynn Morley (verified owner)

    Great flavour smooth taste

  8. Dannielle Wyatt (verified owner)

    Good product definitely will be buying it again

  9. James Malins (verified owner)

    Great flavour and good quality liquid

  10. Jacob Hanney (verified owner)

    Really satisfied with my purchase

  11. James Malins (verified owner)

    Great flavour and value for money

  12. Warren James (verified owner)

    All spot on can’t fault them at all

  13. John Collins (verified owner)

    Very good will be ordering again very soon

  14. Gail Millard (verified owner)

    Brilliant taste will definitely order again

  15. Dave Burgess (verified owner)

    Very strong can’t Vape all day but otherwise very good.

  16. Jason Wood (verified owner)

    Normally smoke heisenberg, but ordered this by mistake but glad I did its a much nicer taste.

  17. Bill Dornan (verified owner)

    Great product. Fast delivery.

  18. Soraya Haynes (verified owner)


  19. David Orr (verified owner)

    hiezenberry always a flavour i come back to and this one was great

  20. Christopher Hartley (verified owner)

    Nice flavour,kind of sweet

  21. Danny Blyth (verified owner)

    Grrrrrrhhhhh I’ve just filled this out!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ellis Hewitson (verified owner)

    Taste great and good on the coil

  23. Jessica Mathias (verified owner)

    Fab flavour will order again

  24. CARL Warner (verified owner)

    Fantastic love the flavour

  25. James Taylor (verified owner)

    Best price and a quality product that won’t disappoint.

  26. Ryan Jones (verified owner)

    All good. Lovely flavours

  27. Daniel Grove (verified owner)

    Each juice I buy is always very good. And the prices/deals are brilliant

  28. Philippa Jones (verified owner)

    Lovely flavour it’s my main vape juice.

  29. Elaine Butcher (verified owner)

    Love this flavour and it’s good value for money.

  30. maxine crofts (verified owner)

    Great flavour and good value

  31. Owen Shield (verified owner)

    Favourite liquid. Fresh but not overly menthol. Nice taste.

  32. Elaine Butcher (verified owner)

    Very nice liquid definitely recommend trying it.

  33. jaime-rose porter (verified owner)

    Fabtastic every time. Top class experience

  34. Salem Tawffik (verified owner)

    Nice taste.. good value for money

  35. Gary Bird (verified owner)

    Old favourite, one of the best out there

  36. Manuel Linde (verified owner)

    Falta intensidad al sabor. Pero está bueno.

  37. Simon Frape (verified owner)

    Great price for good flavour juice.

  38. Ellis Hewitson (verified owner)

    Tastes very nice and good on the coils

  39. Robert Twentyman (verified owner)

    This 1 is top notch too, nice and cool and all the fruity flavours pop on the tongue. Will definitely buy this again. .

  40. Helen Galli (verified owner)

    Good price & plenty of variety

  41. Abby White (verified owner)

    Easy transaction, As described and fast delivery…..more importantly a trusted seller!

  42. Kev Pick (verified owner)

    The blast variant of the flavour is nicer but this one is nice also. (It’s all subjective)

  43. Stuart Wishart (verified owner)

    Good juice nice taste never had a problem with it

  44. Robert McLaughlin (verified owner)

    Really nice flavour good taste

  45. Charles Gawler (verified owner)

    Its got to be the best Heisenberg on the market great flavour which dosent lose its taste

  46. Sandy paterson (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few variations on this flavour and this is definitely the best!

  47. Tosh Inskip (verified owner)

    Brilliant!!!! Been using heizenberry for sometime now

  48. Scott James (verified owner)

    favourite flavour of juice, always my go to

  49. James Griffin (verified owner)

    Good juice, will be my standard to use from now on. Lasting flavour too

  50. Mark Meredith (verified owner)

    Great product, really good taste.

  51. Dom Targett (verified owner)

    The only flavour I vape now.

  52. Kai Hackman (verified owner)

    Very happy with delivery and the product itself

  53. Julie Cousins (verified owner)

    Great taste , nice and smooth

  54. Craig Roberts (verified owner)

    I love this liquid, clean and consistent adv.

  55. Darren Ayley (verified owner)

    Third time buying this, happy to keep buying

  56. Tosh Inskip (verified owner)

    Been using this for a while now
    I love it

  57. jason wright (verified owner)

    Spot on flavour and a great price

  58. Paul Grundy (verified owner)

    Spot on flavor not too sweet

  59. Sharon Rogers (verified owner)

    Gorgeous flavour. One of my favourites.

  60. Owen Shillinglaw (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and awesome product. Wouldn’t get my vape juice anywhere else.

  61. Owen Shillinglaw (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and awesome product, wouldn’t get my vape juice anywhere else.

  62. Glenn Turpin (verified owner)

    Good mix of flavours easy on the inhale and exhale ,extremely pleasant.

  63. Lynn Jolly (verified owner)

    Excellent service fast delicious very

  64. Jalal Ahmed (verified owner)

    Lovely heisenberg blend, more fruity as opposed to the normal heisenbergs which taste like medicine

  65. Tosh Inskip (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t vape anything other than Heisenberg

  66. Keith Stockley (verified owner)

    I love heisenberg, this is the best I’ve ever had

  67. Amelia Henderson (verified owner)

    I use vapaholic regularly. Great value, great taste, great service. Fast delivery.

  68. Tosh Inskip (verified owner)

    Love it by the gallon, please keep it going

  69. Carl Wooley (verified owner)

    I got hiezenburg hard to find anywhere but it was on here great taste all in all very pleased will get again well done vapoholic

  70. ian smith (verified owner)

    Great seller & great juice

  71. Stuart Walsh (verified owner)

    I like the flavour and I’ll try others from Vapoholic

  72. Johnathan Heggie (verified owner)

    The product is fantastic and really smooth

  73. Genei Hendrick (verified owner)

    Fantastic flavour. Want to buy more

  74. stephen cubbin (verified owner)

    As above, great flavour and value

  75. stephen cubbin (verified owner)

    Its the only flavour we use, great flavour.

  76. Sam Wright (verified owner)

    Great product never used before but will definitely use again

  77. Louise King (verified owner)

    My all time favourite but I forgot to get the one with nicotine

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    Superb product and value for money the best on the market

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    Been on heizenburg for yours and this is very good

  86. Steve Graham (verified owner)

    Great tasting product at a very reasonable price

  87. Ilona Mitchell (verified owner)

    Really unusual, fruity with a really nice menthol hit at the end. Becoming a favourite.

  88. Tosh Inskip (verified owner)

    I love it, I used to use heisenberry but this is so much better

  89. James Taylor (verified owner)

    Great flavour at an amazing price , ive tried many before but this is the best at this price

  90. Paul Larkin (verified owner)

    The product is nice enough

  91. Hayley Dockney (verified owner)

    Great flavour, comes a close 2nd to the iced grape

  92. Steve Graham (verified owner)

    Very good quality vape.thankyou

  93. Tosh Inskip (verified owner)

    For quick delivery service and great products

  94. jaime-rose porter (verified owner)

    As said previously, super purchase and delivery service. Will reccomend and use again

  95. Peter Jarvie (verified owner)

    Great value nic shots included

  96. Debbie Watson (verified owner)

    Exactly like it’s supposed to

  97. Gail Millard (verified owner)

    Great taste nice and smooth with a good cloud

  98. Aaron Baker (verified owner)

    Great service and product

  99. Jon Stamley (verified owner)

    Ok but not for me really very good service tho

  100. Theresa McPhail (verified owner)

    Great flavour. GreT vape.

  101. Rachael Symmons (verified owner)

    Great flavour – one of the best I’ve tried

  102. jamie bainbridge (verified owner)

    excellent taste and smells great

  103. Paul Larkin (verified owner)

    I am enjoying the liquid .

  104. Simon Baker (verified owner)

    Probably my favourite flavour

  105. Matthew Rowlands (verified owner)

    Good size juice and good price

  106. Amelia Henderson (verified owner)

    The flavour I use all the time as its lovely and no flavour beats it in my opinion.

  107. James Eastwood (verified owner)

    Great tasting liquid thanks

  108. Vincent Martinez (verified owner)

    Was exactly what I was looking for.

  109. Paula devlin (verified owner)

    Ive tried different vape juices b4 & always resort bk 2 my old faithful heisingberg

  110. David McLean (verified owner)

    Wonderful product and value for money

  111. Helen Galli (verified owner)

    A very satisfied customer, great vape liquids at reasonable prices
    Easy to order & fast delivery

  112. Edward Ward (verified owner)

    It doesnt taste like butt so win win

  113. Ben Limbrick (verified owner)

    Good flavour. No need to try else where

  114. Julie Whitfield (verified owner)

    Fantastic liquid – I always struggle to find a good smooth tasting liquid , this bar far is the best Heisenberg I’ve found in a long time .

  115. Jason Varey (verified owner)

    All good as expected , good flavour and vape experience

  116. Keith Stockley (verified owner)

    I’ve been getting heisenberg for a while now and it’s my favourite

  117. Ryan Jones (verified owner)

    Great product , very happy

  118. Aaron Baker (verified owner)

    Great service

  119. Craig Harland (verified owner)

    Should have an option for extra flavour as after adding 4 10ml bottles of nicotine I think it dilutes the flavour too much.

  120. Leslie Slack (verified owner)

    Flavour ,vape unbelievable

  121. trevor beech (verified owner)

    Love the taste of heisenberg from feefo the taste was fantastic really enjoyed it quick delivery definitely recommend

  122. dereck swallow (verified owner)

    fantastic flavour best i have tasted

  123. Karen Kempton (verified owner)

    Purchased for husband. He loves it

  124. Kimberley Baxter (verified owner)

    Another one of my faves

  125. Samuel cox (verified owner)

    Lovely, always been a fan of this flavour

  126. Natalie Powell (verified owner)

    Our favourite flavours are sex on the beach, exotic lychee and Heisenberg. We have tried most of the flavours but everyone has a favourite and these are ours.

  127. James Coleman (verified owner)

    Good original flavour. As it should be

  128. Darren Adams (verified owner)

    Another good tasting liquid with a bit of a kick

  129. Abdul Mannan (verified owner)

    Good e liquid texture for alternative

  130. Mark Childs (verified owner)

    Not enough flavours not really menthol y

  131. David Jackson (verified owner)

    I keep coming back to this one. As good or better than other similarly named flavours – easy on the coils, good strong flavour. Have been vaping this one for a couple of years now.

  132. Rubina Mukul (verified owner)

    I really love this flavour and I have tried it from other brands but nothing beats this Heisenberg!

  133. David Kirby (verified owner)

    Best eliquid around – I have tried loads and best for me is the Fruity Menthol but feel free to experiment!

    Also check for discount codes 😉

  134. Richard COX (verified owner)

    Great product at a fantastic price. I was very happy with service and order was dispatched and delivered quickly. Would highly recommend and I have to every vaper I know. Flavours are amazing.

  135. Paul Bailey (verified owner)

    Great tasting clouds. My favourite I think.

  136. Ms Denise Frankland (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Great taste

  137. Jay Younis (verified owner)

    Great juice. Defo ordering more

  138. Wendy Bradford (verified owner)

    Lovely tasting really enjoy

  139. Keeni Thompson (verified owner)

    best value for money, lasts so well and saves me money in the long run

  140. Keeni Thompson (verified owner)

    best value for money, lasts so well and saves me money in the long run

  141. Graham (verified owner)

    I do vape this all day, as well as other flavours,and no problems from any coil or tank I have.and Great no matter what temp it runs on

  142. Mike (verified owner)

    Had my first order delivered yesterday, the Heisenberg is really nice. Cool menthol aniseed on inhale, nice sweet mixed berry on exhale. Delicious!

  143. Natalie powell (verified owner)

    This is one of my husbands favourite flavours, he will easily vape this all day. I tried it too, but am not keen on absynth . The coolness is nice, quite a fresh taste. too, he loves it.

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