Best Summer E-liquid Flavours

Summer is almost here and with the weather warming up (finally!), we asked members of our team for their best summer e-liquid flavours. Here’s what they said …

Fruity Menthol Explosion E-liquid

Fruity Menthol Explosion E Liquid is the favourite summer vape of our resident e-liquid connoisseur, Si.

In his words, “It’s incredible in a heat wave.”

Fusing sweet, juicy summer fruits with a good dose of Koolada, this refreshingly cool vape is a great alternative to a standard menthol.

Blue Slush E-liquid

With its artic blast of coolness, Blue Slush Vape Juice really hits the mark on a summer’s day.

Tangy blueberries, a touch of sweetness and plenty of Koolada make Blue Slush the go-to summer choice of self-proclaimed no.1 slush fan, Dale.

He says, “Blue Slush encapsulates the reminiscent flavour of ‘blue’, transcendently.” (He likes his words)

We can also recommend the strawberry-flavoured Red Slush and the lemon and lime Neon Slush as amazing summer vapes.

Fantasi Lime Mojito Ice E-liquid

Chosen by cocktail fiend Paul, this is perhaps the classiest flavour on the list. Fantasi Lime Mojito Ice E Liquid will have you thinking you are sitting in a beachside bar watching the world go by.

Paul says, “Summer? Vape lime mojito…it’s a no-brainer.”

Tangy lime juice, bruised mint leaves, rum flavour and fizzy soda all come together in this flavoursome, cool e-juice inspired by the classic Cuban cocktail.

Fantasi Orange E-liquid

Al loves his oranage soda and swears by Fantasi Orange E Liquid during the hot summer months.

Loaded with juicy oranges, carefully sweetened with a touch of sparkle and a pleasant cooling sensation, this is as close to the popular soft drink as you can get.

His view, “Sit back and imagine you’re cracking open a cool can of ice cold orange pop – that’s Fantasi Orange!”

You can also find this in an ICE version for the ultimate cool vape.

Sex on the Beach E-liquid

Our CEO chose Sex on the Beach E Liquid and we think we know why. With its base of freshly squeezed orange juice, mixed with tangy cranberries, a good helping of syrupy peach schnapps and a splash of vodka flavour, it pretty much sums up what summer is all about.

He says, “It’s a combination of the taste and the aroma that just matches summer so well!”

Can’t argue with that.

So, that’s our best summer e-liquid flavours. Do you agree with our list? What flavour of e-liquid do you recommend for summer? Let the community know in the comments below.

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