Best Disposable Vape UK

If you’re on the hunt for a great throw-away device, you might be wondering what’s the best disposable vape UK has to offer. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Unheard of just a year or so ago, it’s fair to say disposable vapes have taken the industry by storm since they arrived on the scene, becoming a popular choice for beginners who are just making the switch from smoking. 

The ease of use and no-mess nature of these throw-away units makes them the ideal choice for those just dipping their toes in the water, and they’re also a great option if you’re on the move or going on a night out. But with quite a few great products now on the market, the question is: which one ranks as the best disposable vape UK has to offer? 

Let’s take a look at 3 excellent disposables – the Fantasi Bar, the Geek Bar and Elf Bar – and see why these products have suddenly got vapers in such a frenzy.

best disposable vape uk - fantasi

Fantasi Bar

What better place to start (and without even a hint of favouritism!) than the brand-new Fantasi Bar? Okay, so with this one being the latest addition to our flagship Fantasi brand, we may be a little biassed! But believe us when we say this is an amazing product and one that’s set to seriously shake up the world of disposable vapes.

Arriving in 12 delicious flavours, the Fantasi Bar is a sleek, compact and super-smooth vape which packs all the delicious flavour you’ll be familiar with if you’ve tried our e-liquid – only this time it comes in a convenient, hassle-free disposable unit. 

Each Fantasi Bar has a 650mAh battery and is pre-filled with 2ml of 40mg nic salt e-liquid, so there’s no messy refills or fiddly maintenance and you don’t even need to worry about charging the device. Once you’ve used all your e-liquid, you simply throw your Fantasi Bar away and move onto the next one. Easy-peasy!

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Geek Bar

Released in early 2020, this GeekVape-manufactured product turned the industry on its head when it first hit the shelves, and with an ever-expanding list of flavours there’s now more choice than ever. 

Compact and minimalist in its design, the Geek Bar delivers an impressive 575 puffs (minimum) which makes this small and lightweight device the ideal travel companion.

The Geek Bar comes in three models: the standard version, the Geek Bar Lite and the Geek Bar Pro. We stock the standard Geek Bar as not only is it the most popular on the market,  but we feel it strikes the perfect balance between strength and flavour. 

The Lite version is there for those who require something a little… lighter! And lastly, the Geek Bar Pro was designed to appeal to those who want a disposable device that holds more e-liquid and delivers a stronger hit of nicotine, however, unfortunately it’s illegal to sell this in the UK as it doesn’t comply with EU regulation.

elf bars lined up

Elf Bar 

With its portable design and compact size, the pocket-friendly Elf Bar is another valued member of the disposable vape market.

Loaded with 2ml of e-liquid and equipped with an impressive 550mAh battery, the Elf Bar is estimated to provide 600 puffs, making this small and lightweight device the ideal stop-smoking aid.

When the Elf Bars first arrived on the scene, they were available in just 10 flavours, and this limited choice was perhaps seen as their biggest drawback. However, these days you can pick Elf Bars up in over 30 flavours, and with the list continuing to grow you can be sure there’s now something for every palette. 

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Best disposable vape UK – Fantasi Bar Vs Geek Bar Vs Elf Bar 

When pitting the Fantasi Bar, Elf Bar and the Geek Bark against one another, in order to decide which of these disposable devices is best then we need to analyse three of the most important aspects of any device: flavour, longevity and design.

best disposable vape uk by flavour


Perhaps the most important aspect of any device – disposable or not – is the taste and flavour it provides. After all, regardless of how long it lasts or how stylish it looks, when all’s said and done if the taste isn’t on point then you’ll soon be looking for a replacement!

Thankfully all three of these disposables taste great, so it’s difficult to split them on taste alone.

If you’re a vaper who enjoys sampling a broad range of flavours then you’ll be glad to know both the Geek Bar and Elf Bar are now available in around 30 different flavours, so for variety they trump the Fantasi Bar – at least for the time-being.

With that said, the Fantasi Bar is already available in 12 flavours which is more than both its rivals when they first landed. And with a lot more ideas up our sleeve, you can expect new varieties to be dropping on a regular basis so keep those eyes peeled!

best disposable vape uk - longevity


With a slightly stronger battery and (estimated) puff count, the Fantasi Bar just edges it in this department, meaning you should get a little more bang for your buck!

When looking at puff count, remember it’s only an estimate and a lot will depend on your vaping style and the strength of your draw.


In terms of design, this is possibly where the biggest differences between the three products lie. For the Fantasi Bar, we opted for a squared-edge unit with a soft-touch matte-finish to echo the softness of the silky smooth flavours!

The standard Elf Bar opts for a regular pen-style body that’s common among disposables, while the Geek Bar boasts a futuristic, slightly rectangular body that really makes it stand out.

If you’d prefer something that catches the eye a bit more then the Geek Bar might be your preferred choice, but for something a little more subtle which feels luxurious in your hand then it’s the Fantasi Bar all the way!

So… what’s the verdict?

With a horse in the race, no prizes for guessing which one we prefer!

No, in all seriousness all three of these are great products. Each of them is a compact, convenient and hassle-free device with great taste, a generous list of flavours and they cost about the same, so in all honesty there’s not a lot in it. 

Ultimately, the one you prefer will come down to personal preference but chances are if you’re a fan of one then you’ll enjoy them all.

Hopefully you’ll have an idea which one to go for – if not then perhaps you’ll just have to try them all!

If you still have questions about throw-away devices, why not check out our ‘Disposable Vapes – Are They worth it?’ blog post? There you can learn all about these relatively new devices and see whether they’re really for you.