Is Vaping Legal Indoors What Do Rules On Vaping Say?

Picture the scene: you’re sitting in a bar or restaurant enjoying a few drinks or a bite to eat, and you suddenly get the urge to vape. The weather outside is atrocious, so rather than braving the elements at the door or designated smoking area you’d rather have a few cheeky puffs of your e-cigarette inside. But the thing is, UK vaping laws are a little hazy, and you’re not exactly sure what the rules say about using your e-cigarette indoors.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Indeed, many of us have sat and pondered whether we’re allowed to use our vape indoors, worrying we’ll be banished to the cold and windy smoking area or asked to leave the moment we take a hit!

In the UK there are now over 3 million vapers, but despite the ever-expanding popularity of e-cigarettes, many are still completely oblivious to the rules around vaping indoors.

That’s why we decided to clear things up with some helpful info on UK vaping laws, so if you count yourself among those who are still in the dark, fear not as we’re on-hand to provide all the info you need to help keep you out of trouble!

uk vaping laws

UK Vaping Laws  – Is it Against the Law to Vape Inside?

In 2007 a law was introduced in the United Kingdom which prohibited smoking in any enclosed public spaces. This law made it illegal to smoke in places such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Anyone found to be breaking this law faces a fine, while establishments who fail to enforce the rules properly are at risk of massive financial penalties and even criminal prosecution.

In many cases, when people consider the rules on vaping indoors they think of the smoking ban, however this is wrong as this law only concerns combustible tobacco products. E-cigarettes aren’t covered. 

So does that mean you’re free to vape away as you please? Well, not exactly. 

Despite the law stating that it’s perfectly legal to vape indoors, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to use your e-cigarettes wherever you go. The law says that it’s down to the venue to decide whether or not to allow customers to vape, so with many business owners prohibiting vaping within their premises there may well be rules in place that prevent you from using your e-cig.

If you wish to vape while you’re out, the best way to find out whether you can use your e-cigarette is to ask a member of staff. They should be able to let you know one way or another.

Is Vaping Indoors Bad for Others?

Now that we’ve looked into UK vaping laws and established the rules on using your e-cig indoors, perhaps the next question we should ask is whether it’s morally right to vape in public spaces, even if we’re allowed to do so. 

Some are staunch in their belief that vapers should use their devices outside so that others don’t need to breathe in any second-hand vapour. 

On the opposite side of the fence, others feel it’s unfair to ask vapers to go to the smoking area to use their vape device. After all, vaping and smoking are two completely separate entities, and compared to combustible tobacco products, using e-cigarettes is nowhere near as harmful to either the user or those around them.

Wherever you stand on the matter, remember it’s always important to consider others. While it might be possible to enjoy a more discreet vape so long there’s some considerable distance between you and those around you, if you’re using a powerful sub-ohm device then those unsociably large plumes of thick, dense vapour are probably best enjoyed outside! 

Are there any upcoming changes to vaping laws?

Although we’ve cleared up the rules on vaping in the UK, that doesn’t mean changes to vaping laws aren’t possible. As a relatively new phenomenon, vaping is an ever-evolving landscape, so it’s not uncommon for big changes to come along every once in a while.

With that said, thankfully the UK government has proven itself to be one of the most progressive in the world when it comes to vaping. The NHS now fully endorses vaping as a means to quit smoking, and the health service is even planning to offer vapes on prescription, so it’s difficult to imagine a sudden shift towards hardline policies any time soon. 

Even so, it’s always a great idea to keep an eye on any developments as changes to vaping laws can come fast. Thankfully, Vapoholic has got you covered as we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the big stories from the world of vaping in our news section!

Hopefully you’re now well-versed in the laws on vaping indoors. If you’re jetting off abroad anytime soon, why not check out our Travelling & Vaping Guide? There you’ll find all the information you need if you’re going on holiday and plan to take your vape kit with you!