No Nicotine Disposable Vapes

Just a few of the reasons why Vapoholic is rated the best in the UK!

Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape Kits

After arriving seemingly out of nowhere, the rise of disposable vapes was nothing short of meteoric, but one thing that was missing for quite some time was a zero nicotine option. Well thankfully all that’s now changed with the introduction of a number of no nicotine disposable vape kits. 

Super-convenient and packed full of the same flavour as the standard devices, these zero nicotine disposable vape kits are a great option if you’re looking to completely wean yourself off vaping, helping you overcome the cravings and allowing you to vape on your terms!

Kicking nicotine into touch is never easy, but these devices are a great way to help you take that last step to set you on the path to a nicotine-free future.

Benefits of No Nicotine Disposable Vape Devices

Considering using a no nicotine disposable vape to help you quit nicotine for good? Well, the good news is you can enjoy all of the convenience of a throw-away unit – not to mention the delicious flavours they offer – but without any of the negatives you might get from using nicotine. 

When it comes to buying a disposable vape no nicotine options may be beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

  • Non-addictive
  • No impact on appetite
  • None of the side-effects nicotine can have
  • Won’t affect heart rate and blood pressure 

The most obvious benefit of no nicotine vape devices is they’re non-addictive, meaning you can pick up your vape as and when you please without having to worry about nicotine withdrawals. 

As well as being non-addictive, no nicotine vapes also allow you to avoid the side-effects associated with nicotine use. In truth these tend to be really mild and most people won’t experience them, but eliminating your chances of getting headaches, increased blood pressure, decreased appetite, gastro cramps and diarrhoea is always worth a mention!

Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape UK – Watch Out for Fakes

When searching for a zero nicotine disposable vape UK customers should be aware of the rules and regulations around their sale to ensure they’re buying genuine, legal products.

With so many counterfeit devices around, not to mention the ones that don’t conform to the regulations set out by the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD), it can be a real minefield out there! So familiarising yourself with the rules on e-cigs can help you avoid dodgy no zero nicotine vape devices. 

So what do the TPD’s rules stipulate? Well, the main thing to watch out for is e-liquid capacity, as no disposable should contain more than 2ml of e-liquid. So if you’ve come across any device that claims to provide a puff count that goes into the thousands then either the retailer is selling fake products or they simply don’t care about the law. Either way they should be avoided!

Best Zero Nicotine Disposable Vape UK

So what’s the best zero nicotine vape UK vapers should all have in their pocket? Well, in all honesty it comes down to two devices, and you won’t be surprised to find out they’re the Geek Bar and Elf Bar zero nicotine disposable vape kits.

These two brands have been the gold standard since the emergence of throw-away devices, and predictably they’re also the front runners when it comes to no nicotine disposable vapes.

Both come in a wide range of delicious flavours and each promises to provide an estimated 575 puffs. So which one would we say is the best no nicotine disposable vape? Well, sadly we’ll have to be fence-sitters here as we just can’t pick one!

If you’re into the more exotic flavour combos then you might choose the Elf Bar no nicotine, whereas the Geek Bar zero nicotine might be the better choice if you prefer the standard flavours.

How long do no nicotine disposables last?

This all depends on the type of device you’re using and who it’s been made by. If you’ve purchased a cheap disposable made by a substandard manufacturer then chances are it won’t last too long. On the other hand, purchase your zero nicotine disposable vape from a trusted brand and it should last you a couple of days!


How do I use a no nicotine disposable vape?

Using your zero nicotine disposable vape actually couldn’t be easier. There’s no need to charge it up or fill it with e-liquid – you simply take it out the box and away you go! The mouth-to-lung (MTL) manual draw action means you just puff it like you would a cigarette so when it comes to using your disposable it really is a doddle!


Are no nicotine disposable vape safe?

Yes, no nicotine disposable vapes are safe. In fact, they’re even safer than regular vapes! Are they 100% safe? No, but then again not much in this life is! What you should remember is that all vape products are far safer than tobacco products, so if you’re using vapes as a means to quit smoking then you have nothing to worry about regarding their safety.


Can you refill zero nicotine disposable vapes?

No, unfortunately most no nicotine disposable vape cannot be refilled. If you want a device you can refill then disposables probably aren’t the best choice and you’d be better opting for a regular vape device.


Is a disposable vape no nicotine the cheapest option?

In all honesty, no they’re not. No nicotine disposable vapes offer convenience and great flavour, but one thing they don’t offer is the best value. That’s not to say they’re particularly expensive – all vape kits are significantly cheaper than smoking, so if you’re replacing cigarettes with an electronic alternative then you’ll be saving money – but there are better options out there if cost is a concern.

If you’re looking for the best value then you’d be better off opting for a refillable vape kit as these work out much cheaper than disposable vapes in the long.