E-liquid Too Thick, Too Thin or Separating? 

Is the consistency of your e-liquid wrong? Often the vape juice you’re using can be too thick, too thin or it can start to separate and all three of these issues can pose problems such as leaking or your device failing to vaporise your e-liquid properly. This is why it’s important to purchase the right liquid for your kit.

When it comes to choosing which e-liquid to buy, it’s important to know there are different types of vape juice and knowing which one to buy for your device is essential if you want to enjoy an optimised vaping experience.

Before we go into the different ratios, let’s look at the two main ingredients in e-liquid: vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These two ingredients make up nearly the entire bottle of your e-liquid.

Propylene Glycol (PG) 

Propylene Glycol (PG) is an organic compound that is colourless, nearly odourless, and is recognised safe by health bodies. The main applications are for solvents, preservatives and of course, e-liquid. The reason e-liquid manufacturers use PG is that it is very easy to vaporise! It is also used in asthma inhalers and fog machines among other food products.

PG is a thinner liquid that allows the liquid to soak into the wick a lot faster. This allows you to vape quickly in succession without the wick drying out. The thinness means that liquid in your tank can soak into it again. PG also carries the e-liquid flavour a little better but the taste is minimal.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) 

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is also colourless, odourless, and sweet in flavour.  VG, because of its sweet nature, can be found in cough syrups, toothpaste, and baked foods.

VG also provides a smoother vaping experience. More experienced vapers will be looking for high VG after quitting smoking for some time. The biggest benefit of a higher VG ratio is the cloud production! You will experience bigger and more dense vapour clouds and vaping will start to feel completely different to cigarettes which actually helps with not picking up a cigarette again.

E-liquid Ratios and What they Mean 

50% VG / 50% PG E-liquid

The difference between PG & VG are important when deciding your e-liquid ratios. The standard ratio in 10ml bottles is usually 50% of both which has a thin consistency and is easily vaped in low powered devices. 50/50 also provides a ‘throat hit’ which helps with smokers transitioning from smoking to vaping as it delivers a similar sensation.

70% VG / 30 % PG E-Liquid

The standard ratio in shortfill e-liquids (50ml and above) is usually 70/30. This is usually when a person becomes accustomed to vaping they will start to look for bigger bottles and a smoother vaping sensation. 70/30 also produces bigger and better clouds which are great for vaping tricks and all day vaping.

Best Selling!
Best Selling!

E-Liquid Too Thin? 

Now that we’re clear on PG and VG and why a vaper may choose their ratio, we now need to ensure that the e-liquid is suitable for your device.

Higher power mods/e-cigs that produce large vapour clouds will go through a lot of e-liquid very quickly. If your e-liquid is too thin then you’ll go through a bottle even faster. Whilst 50/50 e-liquids can be used in high powered devices, you are better using a thicker vape juice such as a 70/30 ratio.

E-Liquid Too Thick? 

On the reverse side of your e-liquid being too thin, it can also be too thick for lower powered/pen-like devices. If so, the coil isn’t being heated up enough for the e-liquid to fully go through the tank, into the cotton, and finally to be vaporised. If your e-juice is too thick, you’ll notice it start to congeal around your coil and it’ll need replacing more often.

If you’re using a pen-like device, stick to 50/50 ratios.

E-liquid Keeps Separating? 

PG and VG as explained earlier do not naturally mix together for a long period of time. If the bottle is left alone for a while, the PG and VG will start to separate. This is also the case if the e-liquid gets too warm or too cold as PG and VG react differently at different temperatures. If you notice that your liquid keeps separating, simply ensure that the bottles stay at room temperature and give it a good shake every now and again.

E-Liquid Leaking Through Coil?

There are three reasons why this might be happening.

Firstly, as mentioned in the ‘E-liquid too thin’ section, if your vape juice isn’t thick enough then it may leak through your coil, especially if left on it’s side or upside down.

Secondly, you might have flooded your tank. When you’re filling up your e-liquid ensure that you only fill it up to the fill line and keep your tank upright. That should stop your e-liquid leaking through coils.

Thirdly, and the most common, is the e-cig/tank itself may be of poor quality. If you notice that your tank isn’t secure, or your coil is worn out, the e-liquid will start leaking through your coils. Simply ensure everything is secure, and replace the coil if need be!

For full information on e-Liquids, check out our e-Liquid Guide. For extra information on coils, which to use, and how to look after them, check out our Vape Coil Guide and get yourself in the know!

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