With vaping always on the rise, it’s becoming a common occurrence to see celebrities opting for clouds of flavours galore on the red carpet, in interviews and their daily lives. Here’s a run down of some of our favourite celebrity vape sightings, with a neat little overview of their devices.

Classy Like Kate

Kate Moss is primarily known for being a world-class supermodel, but also carried a notorious reputation as a smoker – insisting on having 15-minute smoke breaks scheduled in for most shoots she attended. Chasing a healthier lifestyle led to Moss making a monumental switch to vaping, and she’s clearly a fan as she spent £2000 to have her chauffeur fly her simple starter-style vape pen (first-class, of course) out to Spain during a holiday. With a small built-in battery and mouth to lung (MTL) inhalation method, this kind of kit is a great experience for new vapers; being a close assimilator to regular smoking. The simplicity of choosing an E-liquid and being good to go makes starter-kit pens super ideal for her fast-paced lifestyle, and always staying stylish and sleek on the go.

Role MODel

Samuel L. Jackson favours a hark back to his Star Wars days with his lightsaber mech mod build. It’s been rumoured that the casing was taken from his actual prop from his reoccurring role as Mace Windu in various Star Wars movies and spin-offs. Great dedication to his character is matched by his great dedication to vaping as the esteemed actor takes great pride in his device and rightly so: mech mods are unregulated and rely simply on basic physics to produce the fastest firing speeds possible in any kit. These things may seem intimidating at first, but seasoned vapers swear by their build-your-own modules that can last a lifetime.

Charlie St. Vape Cloud

Fans may be familiar with his extravagant clouds of vapour in Bad Neighbours and Dirty Grandpa, but away from the silver screen we’re accustomed to seeing him through it seems as though Zac Efron loves to vape – using a sub-ohm mod meaning he can maintain a personalised controlled vaping experience. The sub-ohm (<1 ohm) coil allows for slower vaporising of E-liquids, larger intake of vapour and ultimately some delightfully large clouds. Efron’s device features a variable voltage battery, giving him complete autonomy over the power produced by the device: a nifty feature for advanced vapers that ensures the ability to find the perfect settings for a smooth and satisfying escapade every time. He clearly knows his stuff!

Cara Delevape

One of the latest figures seen vaping like it’s going out of fashion is Cara Delevingne. Never shy in any of her modelling, acting or music, her love of vaping is no different. Photographed flaunting her smoke ring ability at a New York Knicks game in Madison Square Garden, it’s clear that despite her beginner-friendly pen kit, she’s familiar with a trick or two! Pen vapes are super ideal for a decent level of customisation in a practical, compact device. Delevingne’s device seems to be an example of a kit that sometimes offers the chance to switch out coils and flip between MTL and DTL intake. Slightly more powerful than the Kate Moss-esque starter kit, pens usually also come with both a sub-ohm and standard coil making it one of the most popular styles on the ever-growing vape market.


What’s Your Type?

With a range of celebrities sporting various devices, it’s clear that there’s something for everyone. Luckily for you, we stock a range of devices to suit your style, as well as our very own E-liquids to suit your taste. For an elegant and discreet Kate Moss model, we’d recommend the Aspire Pockex Kit, or INNOKIN Endura T18E Starter Kit. Cloud chasers like Zac Efron would love a suave SMOK G-PRIV or SMOK Morph 219 kit, for maximum control and vapour galore. If your preference lies more with Cara Delevingne’s versatile pen vape, we carry the Vaporesso VM Stick 18 and VOOPOO Finic 16 (or 20!) AIO kits for a simple and sophisticated solution to your search for a device!


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