As you may have noticed, we have recently partnered with one of the biggest and most trusted feedback engines in the world, Feefo. A big thank you for all your reviews! Today, we’ll give you a rundown of the best rated e-liquid flavours chosen by you, our awesome customers, so far and also the e-liquids that are creating the most buzz.

Best rated e-liquid flavour 1: Ferocious Flavours Strawberry Milkshake

When we were developing this flavour, we wanted to simulate the taste of a smooth, thick, creamy shake right out of an American burger bar and it looks like we’ve nailed it!

Fresh, cold milk and a big scoop of rich ice cream blended together with juicy, ripe strawberries…mmmm

Here’s what a couple of our reviewers said:

“This is one of my favourites. Great daily vape. Not too overpowering with flavours. You guys got it perfect” – Jean Kyle

“Best flavour I’ve tasted so far” – Adam Abbess

Have you tried this creamy sensation yet? Get yours now!

Best rated e-liquid flavour 2: Fantasi Lime Mojito Ice

Our copywriter Paul chose Fantasi Lime Mojito Ice as his favourite summer e-liquid when we asked our team for their opinions recently.

It seems he’s not alone as it’s ranked 5-star by our reviewers. Looks like you guys are loving the refreshingly zesty, mint zing of this classic Cuban cocktail-inspired vape juice just as much as he is:

“Ice Lime Mojito is a great vape; tastes like the real thing.” – Terence Taylor

A gift for my friend. He prefers it to any other. – Jennifer Russell

Pick up your taste of Miami Vice now and see what all the fuss is about!

Best rated e-liquid flavour 3: Fantasi Mango Ice

Looks like our Fantasi flavours are proving popular amongst you guys. It’s no wonder Mango Ice is getting a lot of love – its refreshing mix of luscious ripe mangoes and extreme cooling makes it perfect for the warmer weather!

Here’s what you guys said:

“One of my favourites. I shall be buying it from Vapoholic again.” – Jamie Fellick

Great taste, good vape and very satisfying. – Carla Mason

Get your taste of the tropics now!

Most talked about e-liquid flavours

Some juices evoke a large response for one reason or another. Here’s a look at the flavours causing the most buzz.

Most talked about e-liquid flavour 4: Ferocious Flavours Heisenberg

It’s understandable that our Heisenberg gets a lot of attention. It’s a hugely popular flavour with many different takes on the recipe, but we stand by our Ferocious Flavours version.

We took juicy berry flavours as the base, then added cool absinthe and aniseed to round off the taste. Its full of subtleties and rich flavours.

Here’s what you guys are saying:

“Big fan of this. Aniseed is there without being too strong and overpowering. I’ve tried a lot of Heisenberg’s and this one is just about perfect.” – Devan

“Great juice. Defo ordering more.” – Jay Younis

Have you tried the Ferocious Flavours Heisenberg yet? Give it a go and let us know what you think…we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

Most talked about e-liquid flavour 5: Fantasi Grape Ice

Everyone’s palette is different when it comes to e-liquid flavours, and while some vapers are into strong menthol flavours, others aren’t.

Fantasi Grape Ice, for instance, is perfect for lovers of strong, grape flavours. Here’s what a couple of our reviewers said:

“I love this stuff. Great strong flavor.” – Graham Ruddock

“Great flavour, great ice :)” – Adam Staley

If this sounds up your street, give it try now!

But if you aren’t too keen on super cooling, you could always try the non-ice version:

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So that’s the round-up of what you guys are saying on Feefo so far. Thanks again for all the reviews and keep ‘em coming…we love hearing your feedback and we’ll keep you updated on the best rated e-liquid flavours!

Remember that our juices are available as 10ml testers. So, if you like the sound of any of the juices in this post, give them a try for just £0.99!

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What’s your favourite juice in our range? Are there any flavours you would like to see added? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Best Rated E-Liquid Flavours

  1. Vapoholic says:

    Haha. Thanks Deano! Blackjack is a five star rated juice too but these ones got more reviews over the past few weeks. Next time you place a order, give Blackjack a few props on Feefo then we can add it to the top liquids list! The Vapoholic Team

  2. Vapoholic says:

    Thanks so much for the comment Luke. Really glad to hear you’re enjoying the juices! Agreed, Juicy Nerds Apple Sour Lemon is a great flavour too. If you get chance, drop us a quick review on Feefo about it when you place your next order and let others know what you think. Cheers. The Vapoholic Team

  3. Deano says:

    How isnt blackjack up there ive struggled so hard to find an eliquid i like nothing whatsoever was good i came across vapoholic somehow and saw blackjack and thought at this price why not try it so glad i did its absolutely amazing proper in love with it

  4. Luke Beynon says:

    After being a Avid customer of Vapoholics for over a year most of the above flavours voted best were always in my cupboard. More recently with the Nerds Range the Sour Apple and Lemon definitely deserves a BIG mention, along with Cherry Lemonade and Fantasi Orange Ice is my favourite Top 3 E-liquids of 2019 so far .!!

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