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Vapoholic is dedicated to bringing you the latest and very best vape kits on the market. Browse all the latest kits from disposable vapes, starter kits, pod devices, and advanced setups. Not sure which is the best device for you? Get in contact using our contact form and we’ll be more than happy to help find the perfect vape kit for you!


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Just a few of the reasons why Vapoholic is rated the best in the UK!

Best vaping kit UK

Here at Vapoholic, we stock only the best vape kits from the market’s leading manufacturers. So whether it’s a vape pen starter kit or a more advanced sub ohm mod device you’re after, rest assured you’ll find exactly what you need in our exciting range of vape kits. 

Ever since we started out, our aim has been to offer only the best vape kits to our valued customers, which is why we stock all of the biggest and best releases from industry leaders such as SMOK, Innokin, VOOPOO and more.

Our range of vape kits features a variety of options, from advanced, state-of-the-art sub-ohm mod kits aimed at the more experienced vaper, right through to our super-convenient vape starter kits designed for those who are just starting their vaping journey.

We also stock a number of disposable vapes such as the amazing Geek Bar and Elf Bar products which are ideal for those who are just switching from smoking and need something that closely mimics the experience of puffing on a cigarette. 

Vape pens

Gone are the days when e-cigarettes were restricted to just a few styles; these days there are many different types of devices to choose from. However, despite the abundance of choice on offer, the enduring popularity of vape pens lives on. In fact, vape pens remain one of the most popular choices for new and old vapers alike, which is why we stock a wide and varied selection of pen-style vape devices.

With offerings such as the Aspire PockeX which is perfect if you’re new to vaping, as well as the SMOK Stick 80W and SMOK Vape Pen 22 that are both great devices whether you’re a beginner or not, no matter what type of vape pen you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered here at Vapoholic. 

Vape starter kits

If you’re a brand-new vaper on the lookout for the perfect vape starter kit, we stock a number of excellent options. All of our vape starter kits are designed for those who are new to the wonderful world of vaping (or those who just prefer a more simple vaping experience) and they’re guaranteed to help smoothen the transition from smoking to give you the best chance of quitting for good.

Along with the Aspire vape pen, we also offer a number of brilliant options from Innokin. These include the brand-new Innokin Endura T18-X which is an upgrade on the timeless Innokin Endura T18, along with the Innokin Endura T18-II that took the bar even higher when it hit the market recently. All of these devices offer ease of use, convenience and affordability that make them a no-brainer for newbies. And just remember, regardless of which one you choose you can be confident you’re getting one of the market’s very best vape starter kits. 

Vape pod kits

For those who are drawn to the convenience offered by a vape starter kit but want something a little more advanced, we have a range of vape pod devices that should meet all of your needs and more. 

These user-friendly devices remove the need to change coils (you simply switch your pod over once it’s finished) and you can also rotate flavours without the need to change liquids every time, allowing for a greater degree of flexibility with your vaping. For those who wish to get the most from their pods, these days you can replace the coils on most devices although it’s recommended to change your pod every month or so.

Packed full of modern features and with a 20% performance increase on the previous model, the VOOPOO Drag X Pro is our pick of the best pod vape kits around right now. Alternatively, if you’re on a budget and looking for a cheap pod vape kit, then the SMOK Nord is a trusted design that offers incredible value at under twenty pounds.

Vape mod kits

For experienced vapers or those who are ready to take their vaping to the next level, the more advanced vape mod kits will help you achieve that goal. 

In the past, most advanced kits used sub ohm coils, however, these days many devices are hybrids, which allow you to use plus ohm coils too. This gives the user more control as they can switch between different styles of vaping with ease.

Powerful, high-wattage devices typically produce thicker plumes of vapour, so if you’re looking for a device that packs a punch then the SMOK Morph 2 is certainly one to consider. With an output of up to 230w, this is one of the most high-powered devices on the market and designed with the cloud chaser in mind.

Elsewhere, the GeekVape Aegis Mini 2 is another worthy contender for best vape mod on the market. While not as powerful as some of the SMOK offerings, it’s water, dust and shock-proof arriving with an IP68 rating, so if durability is important then this should be just what you’re looking for.

Vape kits UK

All of our vape devices are TPD-compliant, which means they meet the rigorous safety standards set out by the European Union (EU). Not only that, but all of our e-liquids also meet those same high standards, so whether it’s hardware you’re purchasing or e-liquids (or both!) you can be sure that the vaping products you receive will be of excellent quality each and every time.

Once you’ve decided which type of device you’re going with, it’s time for the exciting part – choosing some e-liquid to vape! But before you dive right in, remember that some types of e-liquids work better depending on the type of device you’re using.

If you’re using a sub-ohm device (this means the coils your device uses are less than 1-ohm) then for optimal performance you should choose a 70/30 e-liquid. This thicker vape juice is great for high-powered, sub-ohm devices and producing thick plumes of vapour.

Alternatively, if you’ll be using a plus-ohm device (coils above 1-ohm) then you should go for the 50/50 e-liquid flavours. These vape juices are thinner and don’t require as much heat to vaporise so you’ll get the best flavour and cloud production when paired with a plus-ohm device.