E-Liquid Reviews

What’s the best fruity e liquid? What’s the best dessert e-liquid? What’s the best sweet e-liquid flavour? Don’t just take our opinion, read the reviews of our e-liquid range and let other vapers help you decide which one is best for you.

We all have our favourite type of vape juice, so knowing which one is going to hit the spot can be difficult. The E-Liquid one vaper loves, another hates. Some like a heavy VG vape juice, others like a lighter 50/50 e-liquid mix. That is why we bring you unbiased independent reviews of our e-liquids to help you learn from the vapoholic community and understand which liquids you might want to try.

Read reviews of our UK made e-liquid and once you become a customer, help others in the Vapoholic community choose the best vape juice for them. Leave a review of our e liquids and let other vapers know what you thought of each flavour.

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