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  • Apple E Liquid

    Fantasi Apple E Liquid

  • Apple Ice E Liquid

    Fantasi Apple Ice E Liquid

  • Grape E Liquid

    Fantasi Grape E Liquid

  • Grape Ice E liquid

    Fantasi Grape Ice E Liquid

  • Lemonade E Liquid

    Fantasi Lemonade E Liquid

  • Lemonade Ice E Liquid

    Fantasi Lemonade Ice E Liquid

  • Lime Mojito Ice E liquid

    Fantasi Lime Mojito Ice E Liquid

  • mango e liquid

    Fantasi Mango E Liquid

  • Mango Ice E Liquid

    Fantasi Mango Ice E Liquid

  • Orange E Liquid

    Fantasi Orange E Liquid

  • Orange Ice E liquid

    Fantasi Orange Ice E Liquid


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Fantasi E Liquid

Our best-selling Fantasi e liquid drink flavoured vape juice range captures the essence of your favourite soft drink flavours perfectly. From our classic Fantasi Orange E Liquid to more adventurous flavours like Fantasi Mango E Liquid, we’ve managed to replicate everything you love about a good can of pop!

We didn’t just stop there though! Pop needs to be served cold, right? So we’ve added a touch of ice freshness to each of the Fantasi e liquid flavours to give you that “ahhh…” feeling. If you’re really a demon for a cool vape, then try the ICE version for an extra refreshing hit! 

Fantasi E Liquid Shortfill

Our premium UK made Fantasi e liquid comes in various sizes of shortfill bottles for you to add your own freebase nicotine or nicotine salts. All you need to do is select your vape juice flavour and your strength of nicotine. When you receive them, simply mix together, give it a good shake and enjoy!

Interested in trying a new Fantasi e liquid flavour without breaking the bank? Order one of our 10ml E Liquid Testers first for only £0.99! You may be missing out on your new favourite vape juice flavour!

Oh, and if you’re a fan of our Fantasi e Liquid, don’t forget to leave us a quick review. We’d love to hear what you have to say!