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  • Nicotine Salt Shot 18mg

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  • Nicotine Shot 18mg

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Nicotine salts & Freebase Nicotine are flavourless and 70%VG/30%PG. These bottles are designed to be mixed with our 0mg shortfill range.

There are some differences between freebase and salts and it all depends on your preferred vaping experience. Freebase is more suitable for higher wattage devices and releases the nicotine evenly. This is the most common type found in eliquids throughout the UK.

Salts are more suitable for lower wattage devices and mimics the hit of a standard cigarette. This is a popular choice between experienced vapers or those who are used to smoking a high volume of cigarettes regularly. We recommend salts for those who are trying to quit smoking and are used to an instant hit.

We stock a large range of shortfill liquids which require mixing with either freebase or salts. You can use our Eliquid guide to see how many bottles you will need to Shake and Vape to your desired strength.