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Nicotine Shots

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  • Nicotine Salt Shot

    Nicotine Salt Shot 18mg

  • Nicotine Shot

    Nicotine Shot 18mg


Nicotine Shots

We stock both nicotine salts and standard nicotine to suit your preferred vaping experience. Our nicotine shots are flavourless, 70%VG/30%PG and specially designed to be used with our wide range of 0mg shortfill e liquid.

Nicotine Shots: Standard Nicotine vs. Nicotine Salts

Standard nicotine is commonly used in e-liquid in the UK. It gives a more even release of nicotine when you vape and is better suited to higher wattage devices.

Nicotine salts have been developed to mimic the hit of a cigarette and are more suitable for lower wattage devices. Because nicotine salts produce an instant hit, we would recommend it for those of you trying to quit smoking.

Shake and Vape with Shortfill E Liquid

When you buy your choice of shortfill e liquid from our range, we will send you the corresponding amount of nicotine shots for your chosen strength. Simply add the shots to your e-liquid, then shake and vape!

Check out our E Liquid Guide to find the nicotine strength that is best suited to you.

Quality and Purity Guaranteed

We only use EP/USP pharmaceutical grade nicotine in our nicotine shots to ensure you are getting the highest quality, pure nicotine for a clean vaping experience.